The Gezira Thunder went head to head against the Cairo Wolves in their last game of the season. The Wolves however were able to secure their win setting themselves in great shape to possibly clinch a spot in the playoffs.

The game was heated, as anticipated, and both teams delivered respectable performances. The Wolves however were able to earn the win with a final score of 30 to 16.

            Despite the loss, the Thunder fought hard throughout the game and were able to score the first touchdown of the game with a 46 yards pass from Paul to Adham Khaled which was then secured with a two point conversion pass from the same duo.

           While the Wolves’ passing game struggled a little in the beginning making them focus on rushes to earn first downs which was topped by a 2 yards rush by Ebada making him one of the very few linemen to ever score in ENFL history.

            The Wolves secured their lead of the first half with a field goal making the score 9-8 in their favor. The start of the second half however was still in favor of the Wolves who put their entire focus on winning this game as Ahmed El Beshry ran for the touchdown which was followed by a 1 point conversion making the score 16-8. He then scored his second rushing touchdown with an extra point increasing the Wolves’ lead to 23-8. 

            The Thunder however still fought their way as Paul Zimmerman took a page out of Daneil Johnson’s book and rushed his way to key first downs. Abdelhamid Magdy then rushed a 5 yards touchdown which Paul added a two point conversion rush to increasing the Thunder’s score to 23-16.

            Close to the end of the game, the Wolves scored their only passing touchdown of the game with a 55 yards pass to Abdelrahman Haggag followed by a 1 point field goal to reach the final score of the game of 30 points in favor of the Wolves to 16 for the Thunder.

            The Thunder celebrated their last game of the season with a group photo after the game showing their unity and pride. While ENFL V is over for the Gezira Thunder, they have definitely left a memorable mark on the field and have set the bar high for their comeback next season.

            As for the Wolves who are now one step closer to playoffs, their win against the Thunder along with the Tigers’ losses has put them in great shape. Their next game against the Hounds will determine their playoffs fate this season. If they manage to win that game, the Wolves will take part in the playoffs, eliminating the MSA Tigers.