ENFL V has proven to be full of surprises, and as we’re about to go into Week 7, the playoff picture is far from clear. Teams like the Tigers and Bears have shown that they are solid contenders despite drastic changes in their personnel and coaching staff, the Hell Hounds continue their domination, and we are left with major question marks regarding the Eagles and Wolves.

The season is more competitive than ever and with only 1 team eliminated from playoff contention, all other 7 teams have a puncher’s chance of making it to the final four. Let’s take a look at the West Division and their chances.

Very few people expected the Tigers to beat the Wolves in week 2, but the Tigers won and created some very interesting scenarios for the outcome of the Western standings, let’s take a look:

Cairo Hell Hounds

All the Hounds need is to keep doing exactly what they’ve been doing so far: dominating

Hounds clinch a playoff spot by:

A win vs Eagles or Wolves

Hounds clinch the #1 seed by:

A Win vs Eagles or Wolves

MSA Tigers

The Tigers have a pretty good chance of making the playoffs thanks to their heroics vs Wolves and Thunder.

Tigers clinch a playoff spot by:

A win vs Titans and Bears


A Wolves loss

Tigers clinch the #1 seed by:

Winning their 2 remaining games (Titans, Bears)


Hellhounds losing their 2 remaining games (Eagles, Wolves)

Cairo Wolves

Despite their 2 frustrating losses, it’s still far from over.

Wolves clinch a playoff spot by:

Winning their 2 remaining games (Thunder, Hellhounds)


Tigers losing their 2 remaining games (Titans, Bears)

Gezira Thunder

This may not have been the Thunder’s year, but they are very well managed and with outstanding prospects like Michael Barsoum and Mohamed El-Sawy their ceiling is sky high. We’re expecting the Thunder to give out a great next season.

Thunder are eliminated from playoff contention.


The Wolves, Tigers, and Hell Hounds could end up in a 3-way tie at 3-2 if:

  • Wolves beat Thunder AND Hounds
  • Tigers lose 1 of their 2 games (Titans, Bears)
  • Hounds lose to Eagles AND Wolves

This would result in a 3-way tie where the standings would be decided by the point differential BETWEEN THE 3 TIED TEAMS ONLY. The Wolves 1-point loss to the Tigers and the Hounds 30-point victory over the Tigers would help the Wolves in this case

Stay tuned for the East Division probabilities and playoffs chances!