The most anticipated team this season opened its door for us and we’re excited to bring you all the news! We may be quite literal with our question of where the Bears are considering that they tried to keep a low profile to a point that they have kept their practice field a discrete.

Although they’re trying to stay off the radar, it’s safe to say that the Bears are on every team’s radar this season. They’ve continued their improvement year after year and are promising us a season to remember during ENFL V.

But let’s step back and take a look at the team from the start. The Cairo Bears was established in 2013 along with 4 other teams who were first affiliated with the Egyptian Federation of American Football.

 The Bears however have faced a rather difficult road in their first 3 seasons where they were continuously defeated. You may think that such losses would break a team down, but not the Bears who were nothing but committed and passionate.

 ENFL III was the first milestone as they hired American coach, Antonio Banks who has played in the NFL and helped in coaching and reshaping the team. In their own words: “Coach Antonio taught us about football things we never even knew about”

Next season, the Bears came in strong, focused and prepared to earn their first win. They had an import running back, Anthony Green and new players like Seif El Khouly and Mohamed Mostafa.

 To add to their fire was the Tigers’ poll right before the game which asked if the Bears will be defeated with a score above or below 50. That poll was nothing but the fuel that pushed that team even further to earn their first win, which was then followed by wins against the Thunder and veteran team the Wolves.

It’s worth mentioning that if the divisions were different last year the Bears may have made it to the playoffs given that they defeated the Tigers and Wolves who were both in the playoffs. .

To prepare for this season they started their rookie camp early on in July in the Fifth Settlement Youth Club and have hired Coach John Burleson who has experience in contributing to the Hounds’ championship win and knows a lot about football in Egypt. They believe his knowledge is going to help them push through this season and make it all the way to the top.

They also have Malcom Gasque , a 26 years old import running back who has played in Brazil, France and Austria. The running back has also played in Turkey along with their current coach John. This harmony will definitely give the team a boost.

We’re all looking forward to the combination of the import running back along with quarterback Abu Shady which should allow the Bears’ offense to make a statement on both passing and running game.

We’re also expecting quite a statement on defense with their own safety Anas El Abyad continuing to make plays along with their key player Seif El Khouly and the defensive trio Mohamed Arabi, Abdullah Nasr and Ahmed Khaled.  

We asked the Bears about players we should look out for this season and these 3 were their pick. First is Abu Shady, who has improved his skills over the years and had a breakout season last year, was selected in  the Pharaohs team and is going to be one of the only Egyptian QBs playing this season. Second is transfer receiver Youssef Shawky who they believe has talent that put together with their star QB will help him earn stats. And last but not least Anas El Abyad, CB and safety.

With their first game being against the defending champions, The Cairo Hell Hounds, the bears believe Coach John will be able to provide insight on the team he has previously coached. They are still of course preparing for the team who now has a winning streak along with new players and imports. We have to say we’re very excited about this game and it will definitely be something to watch.

The Cairo Bears have paved their away from the bottom all the way up to becoming a team the entire football community is having an eye out for. Their first goal was winning a game and they’ve achieved that, so this year its eyes on the championship. The Bears will definitely have a long but exciting road, one that I’m pretty sure we’re all looking forward to witness.