The competition level in ENFL V is even beyond our expectations and this season just keeps bringing us more exciting games! The Thunder faced the Hounds in the third week, and although they didn’t secure a win they most definitely gave a respectable performance. Also, The Eagles went head to head with the Wolves before securing their second win of the season.

The Cairo Hell Hounds have secured another win against the Gezira Thunder with a 23 points difference. With their Egyptian QB Yassin Sherif Starting the game it sure was impressive to watch this young player develop over the years with the commitment and dedication he’s put into the team. While the Thunders’ running back Yassin Mohamed made significant plays scoring the Thunders’ only touchdown. The Hounds’ fans had devoted votes in favor of their team winning and weren’t mistaken.

We must however take a moment and wish the Hounds’ player Ibrahim Osman a speedy recovery. The DB is a Warriors’ transfer who’s playing his first season with the Cairo Hell Hounds’, He’s also the Warriors’ ladies defensive coach. Ibrahim was injured through the game and is now in recovery, we’re certain that the fighter will soon be back on field.

As for game 2, the Eagles vs Wolves game was a rather heated one, as expected. The Cairo Wolves have successfully delivered another strong game against the GUC Eagles who were able to secure the win with an 11 points difference. The Eagles’ Seif Sweilam scored the two touchdowns earning the MVP award of the game. The fans votes were once again in place with the Eagles winning their game.

The Current West Standings are in favor of the Hounds’ coming in first with two secured wins. Will the Hounds’ streak remain intact? Coming next is the MSA Tigers who’ve only played one game which they won, their next game against the thunder may determine which of them will take the second place lead for the week.

As for the East Division, The Eagles are successfully taking the lead with the Titans, Bears and Warriors, tied in with only one loss each.

Week four will hold exciting games first between the MSA Tigers and the Gezira Thunder who are both hungry for their first win. The Tigers now have a new defensive coordinator, former Eagles’ safety Mohamed Anbar. How will the team’s significant defense play out with this new edition? Or will the Thunder be able to earn the win?  The second game will be between the AUC Titans and Cairo Bears who are both fighting for their first win. Who are you cheering for?

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