With the Thunder clinching their ever first win and the Hounds maintaining their winning streak with a high score, we got to say this week defied many expectations!

So let’s start with the Thunder VS Titans heated game which kept us on our feet! The Titans came in strong with Youssef Tharwat who did indeed have a great connection with his brother Haroon who made plenty of catches helping the Titans score.

            While on the other hand, the Thunder fought all through the game clinching their win in the very last seconds. One of the people who stood out is Micheal Barsoum, who was awarded MVP of the game. The Thunder also had their import QB play as a receiver for most of the game. Are they keeping their QB to surprise us in future games?

The second game played out between the Hounds and The Bears. While many expected that the Bears will be able to break the Hounds’ streak, it came as a surprise when the Hounds’ defense stopped all attempts of the Bears’ scoring. The Bears’ Youssef Shawky was able to clinch a touchdown in the second half that wasn’t enough to balance the game. The Hounds’ on the other hand remained strong and focused with their defense putting great pressure on the Bears’ QB, Abu Shady, minimizing his chances of making successful throws. While the offensive unit was able to make great plays ending the game with a 26-6 score in their favor.

After the game the Bears have let go of their import coach John Burleson and running back Malcom Gasque who had an average of -2.5 yards per carry for the game.  This marks the first time a team lets go of an import player during the ENFL season. Was the Bears’ decision correct?

We had many questions so we had to ask! The Cairo Bears Coach Shady El Kadry gave us the following statement “We have nothing but respect and appreciation for both Coach John and Malcom, the decision we made was what we saw is the best for the team, nothing more and nothing less. It’s not about how you start but how you finish. Practicing and preparing for the next game is our only job right now”

            Wait for our detailed game reviews to know anything you’ve missed in ENFL V week 1.