Starting the kickoff of week 5 with the Cairo wolves played against the Cairo warriors. It was an intense game full of surprises. The West’s Cairo wolves earned it securing their first win of the season.

Both defensive units gave an outstanding performance with the Wolves’ defense showing great performance and not giving the Warriors’ offense a chance to score. While, the Warriors’ defense kept fighting until the very end. The Wolves secured their first touchdown with a great rush from their import QB Daniel Johnson with a successful PAT from Abdelrahman Haggag making the score 7-0. As the Wolves’ offense continued they were interrupted by a surprising interception from Jeffry Reed from the Cairo warriors.

             The Wolves showed a heavy running game despite the injuries of three of their running backs Mansy, Mohanad, and Omar Ghanem. The Wolves’ rookie running backs Ali Shalaby and Ahmed El Beshry made the run game solid as a rock leaving a loud statement. They made it easier for the team to gain a second touchdown scored by Mohamed Emad with a PAT by Abdelrahman Haggag turning the score to 14-0.

 Unfortunately, with the beginning of the second half Hassan Yasser from the Cairo warriors got injured which stopped the clock for more than 15 minutes. The time out resulted in many questions from both teams. From the Warriors’ side “Is it the end? with zero TD” and from the Wolves “are the Warriors getting ready for a comeback”. Those questions left both teams in doubt for what is going to happen next.

The Wolves however had to guarantee their first win, and while the Warriors’ defense kept fighting till the very end, it didn’t prevent the Wolves from marching. As they made a trick play making the Warriors’ defense wait for the run from the running back, but Daniel kept the ball and scored their last touchdown increasing the score to 21-0 in favor of the Cairo Wolves.

With little time on the clock, the Warriors’ Yousef Amr secured got a punt recovery making his way to the end-zone and securing his team their only touchdown of the game. thus, ending the game in a score of 21-6.

In conclusion, the Wolves were able to secure their first win in the league. We’re definitely still waiting to see both teams perform for the rest of the season, and what the teams are up to for the next games. Will the Wolves be able to secure another win? or will the Warriors be able to win any of the upcoming games?