The game started strong between the two teams, with the Warriors kicking off. Thunder started the game with multiple runs; trying to gain yards, yet the attempts were unsuccessful to move the ball down the field and reach a first down. As Abdelrahman Mousa ran the ball was fumbled and recovered by the Warriors defense, hassling a turnover on the field.

Warriors’ offense got on the field but weren’t able to gain yards, with an incomplete catch, a stopped run, and a punt. The Thunder’s offense got back on the field, yet the pressure of the defense resulted in a safety putting the Warriors in the lead with 2 points.

Warrior’s comeback mood was on this time, as they started the drive strong, QB Jeffrey Lloyd Reed running 5 yards then passing the ball to Robert Ra’afat whose catch was on fleek; tackled by the rushing Thunder’s defense. The Warriors scored their very first touchdown of the game, carefully passed by Warriors’ QB Jeff with an outstanding reception in the End-zone by Shady Amgad. No conversion points were attained, leaving the Warriors leading with a score of 8-0 over the Thunder.

Thunder’s offense started the drive with multiple runs that were stopped by the Warriors defense, with no scoring nor reaching a first down.

The Warriors were back on the field again this drive to score, as the second touchdown was secured, by QB Jeff passing the ball to Robert Ra’afat who made a brilliant reception of the ball, the score was raised to 14-0.

Turnovers were back and forth with no further scoring, both teams’ defense were attentive and on a standby.

The Warriors offense got back on the field, with Shady Amgad who is showing an amazing performance with his second touchdown of the game, granting his team a larger lead over Thunder, with 2 conversion points, the score reached 22-0 for the Warriors.

The game hyped in the second quarter, as the Thunder hassled to secure a first down, followed by their first touchdown of the game, secured by Adham Khaled by the end of the first half of the game, not to mention Thunder’s QB Paul Zimmerman’s good trial to keep the ball. After a video review has been challenged; 2 conversion points were confirmed, the score was raised to 22-8 with a lead to the Warriors.

The Warriors maintained a lead, as QB Jeff passed the ball to Youssef Amr, who granted the team another touchdown, with no conversion points; the second quarter ended with a score of 28-8.

The second half started strong from both teams’ defense, preventing further scoring during the third quarter, while as the fourth quarter approaches, the Thunder raised their score, securing a touchdown, followed by two conversion points, scored by Paul Zimmerman.

The final drive was intense, as the Warriors offense was on the field trying to dominate and gain yards, however Quarterback sack took place on Jeff, Thunder’s defense implemented much pressure on the Warriors’ offense, with very few minutes left, a great performance has been shown from Thunder’s DB Mohamed Sawy. After the turnover, the Thunder were able to raise their score to 28-16.

Shady Amgad scored his third touchdown this game, ending the game with a 34-16 victory to the Warriors.

The game was fun to watch, both teams’ performances were great, shout-out to Paul Zimmerman, Jeff, Robert Ra’afat, Amir Nabil, and Shady Amgad whose performances definitely stood out along the game, and Shady Amgad who scored three receiving touchdowns and a total of 171 yards, winning MVP of the game.

AJ Brown, Warrior’s Head Coach, stated that he’s proud of the achievement the team has made, mentioning that if they pull out the same victory against The Bears in the upcoming game; they can reserve the team a spot in the play-offs.

Paul Zimmerman also stated that the game has lowered their chances heading to the play-offs, mentioning that they started off slow, then got hyped by the second half which has caused them a loss, adding, they will train hard and try to win the upcoming match, ending the season well.

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