The Gezira Thunder went head to head against the AUC titans in a heated season starter. Both teams had impressive performances on the field keeping a close game until the last seconds.

The Thunder started the game with their import QB Paul Zimmermann playing as a wide receiver while Abdullah Hesham started the game as the Thunder’s QB. They focused on their running game early on in the game and attempted many runs that helped them move further along the field. However, running back Ahmed Emad was injured after helping his team earn a first down. His injury, a broken ankle, means that he’ll be out for the rest of the season.

The Titans defense was able to create a turnover by a fumble recovery close to the endzone, which allowed their offense to even the score by a rushing touchdown from the 1 yard by the QB Youssef Tharwat. They then took the lead through scoring a one point conversion.

With both teams focusing on the running game, the Titans gained enough yards to enable them to go for a field goal making the score 10-6 in their favor before the half time.

The running game continued as Youssef Tharwat , Titans’ QB was able to score a rushing touchdown giving his team an edge through the game with 3 quarters over and the game coming close to an end

The Thunder however had something to say about this, with the determination they had regarding winning the game as their offense stepped up for the win. The game’s most valuable player Micheal Barsoum ran for the endzone twice ending the game with the score of 18-16 with the last touchdown scored with a few seconds remaining on the clock.

While the expectations were in the Titans’ favor, the Thunder were still able to defy those expectations earning a well deserved win.

We talked about the beauty of the game of football and how teams can win in the last seconds, and this game was a perfect example with the Thunder fighting their way to secure their first win in ENFL history.

We’re definitely still waiting to see both teams perform for the rest of the season, with the Thunder’s Paul Zimmerman’s quarterback skills still in the mystery. We’re also waiting to see more passing game from the Titans which we had a glimpse of, especially with the brothers Youssef and Haroon Tharwat.