The Tigers VS Wolves rivalry has started early on in the game with both teams giving a strong performance and with the game going back and forth until the last seconds. With a 1 point difference the Tigers were able to win the game proving that their new blood is here to fight.

The game started with the Tigers’ offense focused on making significant plays leading to the touchdown. With a great catch from Ahmed Attar followed by a run from the import John Nyguen, the Tigers were 4 yards away from the end-zone which allowed their QB, Mina Akram, to rush for a touchdown for the first score in the game Followed by a 1 point conversion, the Tigers took the lead by 7-0.

The Tigers’ following offensive drive wasn’t as successful however and as they tried to punt on their fourth down, the ball was fumbled and recovered by Abdelrahman Medhat allowing the Wolves’ offense to start at the Tigers’ 10 yard line. Moaz El Sabah was able to secure a touchdown for his team which was followed by a 1 point conversion evening out the score to 7 all.

Both teams’ defensive units held strong for the second quarter ending the first half with the 7 point tie game. The second half however got heated quickly with the Wolves offense scoring a touchdown on their first drive, a catch from Abdelrahman Haggag, followed by a 1 point conversion taking the lead with a 14 to 7 score.

The Tigers’ offense had many attempts to reach the end-zone after that with both passing and running game, and while they gained yards, they weren’t able to score. Import running back John Nyguen had an outstanding performance giving the Tigers, who are known for their running game, a new style and impressive plays.

 Their defense came to the rescue with a 102 yards pick six by Khaled Mounir. They had to go for a two point conversion after that to try and guarantee the win. So John Nugyen rushed to the end-zone scoring the game winning conversion point putting the Tigers in the lead with a 1 point difference.

With minutes on the clock, the Wolves offense had a chance to tilt the game back in their favor. Import Daniel Johnson focused on rushing which earned him a safe 5 yards minimum per carry. If the Wolves were able to get close enough to aim for a field goal the 3 points could’ve given them the game. However, the Wolves QB decided to pass when the Tigers’ CB Mohamed Medhat saved the day by making an interception in the last seconds of the game.

Of course, with the intensity in this game, such an intense ending only makes sense. The Tigers were able to finish the game securing their first win with a score of 15-14.

Both teams have delivered respectable performances in the game, so we’re certain that the upcoming games will only bring forward more competition and even more memorable plays.

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