The Cairo Bears and MSA Tigers went head-to-head during last week’s game, which ended in the Tigers earning a tight, yet well-deserved win. 

First Half 

It’s without a doubt that both teams’ defensive units have delivered top notch performances through this season. But for the last game of the season, both teams’ offensive units were also up to the challenge. 

The Tigers scored early in the first quarter with a strict running game for 10 downs, between Loai El Damanhoury, Aser Adel and a 2-yards keep by Mina Salib. Loai finally scored the touchdown with a 2-yards run. Followed by an extra point, the Tigers were quickly in the lead with 7-0. 

During the second quarter, the Bears’ Nour Arafa received a 7 yards pass but before he could make his was to the endzone, the ball bounced off his hand and was recovered immediately by Islam Mohamed who scored his team’s first touchdown of the game which was then followed by an extra point to end the half in a 7 all score. 

Second Half 

The third quarter had both teams trying to maintain a shutdown to give their offense a chance to steal the lead. 

The Cairo Bears’ defensive stats for the game included 17 tackle for loss yards and a 12 yards sack as well as two deflections.  While, the MSA Tigers defensive unit had 11.5 tackle for loss yards and a 9 yards sack as well as a deflection. 

The Bears scored again in the fourth quarter with a 10-yards run by Islam Mohamed, but as they tried to go for the extra point, the goal was blocked. 

Before the game ended, the Tigers’ Mina Salib threw a 44-yards passing touchdown to Marwan Fouad, going for one extra point, they were able to end the game with a 14-13 win against the Bears. 

Although the Tigers earned this win, the point differential still put the Bears in the lead which will take them to the Egyptian Bowl VII. This is the Bears’ first time competing for the championship, and we’re eager to see how they’ll perform.