The Cairo Wolves earned a rightful win over the Eagles Athletic Club in the fourth week of ENFL VII. The Wolves started their game strong and focused, and ended it just the same way, making their 20 to 6 win, a well-earned one. 

The Eagles won’t be competing for the Bowl 

ENFL VII marks the first time in football in Egypt’s history where the Eagles athletic club sit at the bottom of the standings. Thus, taking away their chance to compete for the Bowl. 

So how did the Eagles perform in their last game of the season? 

The Eagles’ offense has been struggling since the beginning of the season. Last week, 113 passing yards and 5 first downs weren’t enough to allow them a score. 

As for the running game, they were able to secure 142 rushing yards between 4 running backs, 7 first downs, and a rushing touchdown by 26. 

The Eagles’ defense completed 6 tackles for loss, a deflection and an interception. 

The Cairo Wolves prove this season is in their grabs 

The Wolves played a strong game in the fourth week that puts them in competition for the Bowl and ultimately the ENFL VII championship. As they currently stand tied with the Hounds at (2-1) with 8 PD for both teams, the Wolves have a fair chance of competing in Bowl VII. 

The Wolves’ defensive game stands out to make them a force to be reckoned with, they completed a total of 38 tackles, a forced fumble, a fumble recovery and 3 interceptions. The Wolves’ Fady Ayman was able to earn two interceptions leading to pick six to set himself as a remarkable defensive player and push his team forward for the win.

The Wolves passing game however was not on the same level, as they only completed 7 receiving yards. Omar Mansy was able to earn 3 rushing first downs and score a rushing touchdown to secure his team’s win. 

The Wolves’ win gives them a chance to compete for a spot in the Bowl next week against the Cairo Hellhounds. While the Eagles say goodbye to ENFL VII. 

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