The Wolf Pack

The Wolf Pack has showed that they’re a force to be reckoned with over the years on both men and ladies’ teams. From winning games, to constantly being in the playoffs and even making it to the Egyptian Bowl. The Cairo Wolves are now fully prepared for their chance at the Egyptian Bowl V.

The Wolves were established in 2014 and were among the first teams affiliated with the Egyptian Federation of American Football. They’ve been solid from the start and have managed to keep improving to meet the constant rise in the level of competition.

During their first season, the Wolves stayed in the middle with two wins and two losses coming in third in the league. The year after that they made it to the playoffs to face the undefeated GUC Eagles at the time.

ENFL III was the first season they acquire an import a running back, the infamous Kendall Owens ,who gave the pack an overall boost of performance. The matter got controversial within the football community being stunned by the import running back to refer to the Wolves as Cairo 7, Kendal’s Jersey number. The Wolves are indeed a running team, but we have to admit no running back can gain yards without the full offensive unit doing their job.

That season they made it to the playoffs yet again to play a tough game against the MSA Tigers and were defeated. The year after the Wolves were able to make it to the Egyptian Bowl after playing once again against the Tigers in the playoffs. With such an upward slope the Wolves are coming back strong to ENFL V prepared to win the season.

The Wolf pack takes pride in having close to no transfers out of the team which goes back to their close ties together. They did however welcome to their family a couple of players from the Tigers like Kareem El Sherif , Mohamed Badr and Omar Yahia, also the Thunder’s Ahmed Metwally, Mohamed Nabil, Mohamed Wael and Ali Shalaby , as well as Ahmed Tarek from the Eagles.

Over the years the Wolves had an import running back and a linebacker being the only defensive import player to ever play in the ENFL. This year they decided to get a QB, Daniel Johnson, a 23 year old who has played and coached in the States as well as Europe

The addition of an import QB may just be what the pack needed to become the champions. Along with talented receivers and a strong running game with the Pharaoh’s starting running back Omar Mansi, this offense may just be unstoppable.

While the Wolves shine with their offense, they also have remarkable defensive names like safety Mohamed Badr, Shershaby and Ibrahim Nageib aka Nash.

It’s also worth noting that the Wolves are one of the only teams who depend on Egyptian coaches during every season. With their founder Moaz el Sabah as the head coach and brilliant Mostafa Khalil as their offensive coordinator. Both of which have proven their knowledge and experience with guiding their team into becoming one of the strongest in the league.

Our top picks for 3 players to look out for this season are first Omar Mansi, a player who has worked on both sides can fill in any position, he’s currently the starting running back and has played as a middle linebacker and a cornerback in the past. Second is Ebada Yasser, one of the most popular names among Egyptian linemen. He was also the Pharaoh’s offensive tackle. And third is ENFL III’s defensive MVP Mohamed Badr who has continuously proven himself as one of the strongest safeties in the league.

The Wolves will play their first season game against the Tigers which should be quite an interesting game given the history of the two teams. During ENFL III the Wolves defeated the Tigers in the regular season game only to be defeated by them in the playoffs. The year after the tables were turned with the Wolves losing the regular season game yet winning the preseason game against the Tigers. We’ll be holding our breath for this strong game from the two teams.

The Cairo Wolves are most definitely a pack to fear. So did they prepare enough to be the champions of ENFL V? We’ll have to watch closely to find that out.