We’ve been wondering about the MSA Tigers and their current position in the league for a while now? Havent you?

The MSA Tigers were one of the first teams affiliated with EFAF and have had an almost all upward slope since then. With securing only one win in the first season against the Bears, the Tigers came back to season 2 with better performance and a commitment to leaving a mark through each game. They made it to the playoffs and their players had leading stats with their own MLB Ahmed Ramy who won defensive player of the year. The year after they came back with an import QB, Taylor Budd, and a dedication to make it to the Egyptian Bowl, which they did.

The Tigers came in strong for ENFL IV bringing back Taylor Budd for his second season with the Tigers. They’ve also hired coach Phil Avalos as their head coach. The Tigers had a big hype around that season with their full crew; having a lot of their veteran players back on field. However, the preparations didnt go as planned when the first game came with many surprises. First, they let go of their coach, not only that but their QB Taylor Budd surprisingly quit and . their veteran free safety Anas Megahed was injured. The storm took on the Tigers who didn’t make it to the Egyptian Bowl after losing the playoffs game to the Wolves.

Right after that season many players quit, some transferred to other teams and others wont be playing because of injuries. With such a loss in players the Tigers had to rebuild their team with a new generation of players for ENFL V. Their current focus is bringing up the new blood of the team. After all this is the Tigers we’re talking about; a team that most consider heavy competition.

Their head coach for the season will be Youssef Tonsy from the Thunder, while their offensive and defensive coordinators are their own players Mina Akram and Ahmed Hassan Abdelmoneim.

The Tigers offense has new depth in receivers with their rookies that they probably never had before and that maybe an addition that furthers their game. As for their defense, they may have lost many significant names but they still have remarkable ones like Ahmed Moneim, the brothers Mohamed and Abdelrahman Medhat and the previous receiver Ali Mohamed who will be playing as a DB.

The word is the Tigers have an import player who will be joining them for the season. We’re certain that this addition will definitely give the team the boost they need for this season.

We’ve selected 3 veteran players as our names to look out for this season. The first of those is Mina Akram, one of the few Egyptian QBs who will be playing this season. Second is Ahmed Hassan Abdelmoneim, the safety who made big plays that already got him on the radar. And last but not least the defensive lineman Mahmoud Aly who was one of the Pharaoh’s players.

The Tigers will play their first game against the Cairo Wolves, a heated game which may determine if the Tigers will be able to make it to this year’s playoffs. The Tigers VS Wolves games is one of the strongest games not only in the west division but the entire league, and you know from before that this is a game we’re eagerly waiting to see!

The Tigers may have lost many players this season, but they’ve definitely gained new ones. Will the Tigers’ new blood be able to carry the name? We’ll have to wait to watch it all during ENFL V.