ENFL VII has definitely been full of surprises, with 5 strong teams competing, we knew from the very beginning that it will be close until the last moments. But what no one expected, was that going into the last week of the season, not a single team has, for sure, clinched their spot in the finals yet. So, who’s going to play the ENFL VII Bowl? Here are the possible scenarios. 

Bears VS Wolves 

If the Wolves win their first game against the Hounds, they’d automatically go to the bowl with (3-1) while the Hounds stay with a (2-2)

If during the next game, the Bears win their game against the Tigers they’d also have (3-1) while the Tigers will have a (1-3)

Tigers VS Wolves 

As stated above, if the Wolves win their morning game they’ll automatically be going to the Bowl. 

If the Tigers also win their game against the Bears, the three teams; Bears, Tigers and Hounds would be tied at (2-2) which will take us to the tiebreaker. 

Simply put, the points deferential between the 3 teams would be calculated (only the tied teams, and only their games against each other) The Hounds PD would be -1, Bears -1 and Tigers 2 which automatically means the Tigers win over the Bears would put them in the Bowl. 

Bears VS Hounds 

Like the Wolves, if the Hounds win their morning game they’d automatically be going to the bowl with (3-1). 

If the Bears win their game, they’d be at (3-1) too and would therefore be going to the Bowl. 

Tigers VS Hounds 

If the Hounds make their way through winning their game as mentioned above.

The next game would be a little more critical;

If the Tigers win the game, they’d tie with the Bears and Wolves at (2-2) which means the PD will be the deciding factor.  The Wolves would be at -6, Tigers at -10 and Bears at +16. For the Tigers to make it to the Bowl they’d need to win with a 14+ PD over the Bears. 

If the PD is 13 or less, we’d be back to the previous scenario where the bowl is between the Bears and Hounds.