The Eagles Athletic Club earn their 3rd Ladies Flag Football League championship with a solid undefeated record, but the Cairo Bears didn’t give up the win without a fight.

Both teams’ defensive units started out focused initiating a solid shutdown for 4 complete drives (2 for each team). The Eagles finally scored on the 5th drive as the game’s MVP Amira Nader scored a 53 yards touchdown. It is safe to say that the passing game for both teams was as solid as the defensive shutdown at the beginning of the game. The Bears scored on the next drive with a 12.5 yards passing touchdown to Farah Yassser to even out the score.

As the game got heated, the Eagles scored yet again on the following drive with a passing touchdown to Maha Abdelfattah. But they Bears soon caught up as Nourhan Zidan scored a 19 yards touchdown, followed by a conversion point which put them in the lead with a 13-12 score.

This isn’t the first time the Cairo Bears came close to defeating the Eagles this year, as we’ve witnessed close games during AFLC and through week 1 of EFFL V. However, as the game came close to an end, the Eagles scored the final touchdown of the game as Amira scored her second touchdown of the game sealing the Eagles’ 19-13 win.  

The Bears may have not earned that win over the Eagles yet, but their performance continues to rise, bringing more challenge in every game. Are the Cairo Bears going to break the Eagles’ streak? We’ll have to wait to figure that one out.

After the game, the Eagles Athletic Club was crowned the EFFL V championship title, being their 3rd title on a winning streak. The Eagles have also dominated this season’s awards as Amira Nader not only earned 2 game MVPs in a row but also earned herself the MVP of the season award. 

Maha Abdelfattah was awarded the Offensive MVP of EFFL V with a total of 300 receiving yards and Ghadeer Sabry was awarded the Defensive MVP becoming the first ever player in American Football in Egypt history to earn two awards on two different seasons. The Coach of the Year award went to John Gabra who pushed his team into their latest title. 

The Cairo Hellhounds were able to secure one award as Aliaa Amr earned Rookie of the year. According to head coach, ElHassan Hussein, they had predicted she’d be rookie of the year on her very first practice with the team. 

This season was without a doubt challenging, and all 3 teams were up to the challenge. And because EFFL V was memorable, we’d like to remember each player who performed this year, so, here’s a list of EFFL V Players: 

Eagles Athletic Club:

Cairo Bears: 

Cairo Hellhounds: