For the first time ever, the Eagles Athletic Club hosted a tournament on the African level in collaboration with the Cairo Bears; African Flag Ladies. 

Taking the first steps to support the sport, Zed has welcomed the event on their field as the official tournament sponsor. 

American Football has been spreading over the past 6 years on the Egyptian fields under the Egyptian Federation of American Football which has 16 teams. 

The Eagles Athletic Club is one of the oldest teams in Egypt with unique management that focused on building a strong base which enabled them to host an event on this scale; the African Flag Ladies Cup (AFLC), along with the Cairo Bears. 

The African tournament had 4 teams being the 2 Egyptian teams; Eagles Athletic Club and Cairo Bears along with the Moroccan Jaguars and also the guest of honor: Philadelphia Phantomz. 

The tournament took place last Friday, 8thof January on Zed’s field in El-Sheikh Zayed. It should be noted that Zed is launching the first Juniors American Football Academy in West Cairo by February. 

The Eagles’ President and AFLC Director Mostafa Hamad has expressed his pride for hosting this tournament and ensured that both his team and the Egyptian Federation of American Football have a solid strategy in the coming phase that will continue the spread of this sport that attracts a large number of male and female players. 

Also, the Cairo Bears’ President Shady El Kadry added that the tournament did require a lot of effort to be carefully executed on a large scale. He ended his word with expressing gratitude to Zed for hosting the event and all the guests who play an important role in the spread of the game. 

Throughout the day, the two Egyptian teams managed to make a bold statement showing great talent and reflecting the skills of American Football Players in Egypt.

The tournament’s opening game witnessed the Eagles Athletic Club as they took on the Moroccan Jaguars in a game that proved the Eagles’ streak is here to stay. The game ended with a score of 26-06 which meant the Eagles will be playing the AFLC final game. 

Next was the Cairo Bears vs the Philadelphia Phantomz, and while this game may have been feared as the Bears where playing against a US team, where the sport originates. However, the Bears were able to put on a solid offensive and defensive game earning them a 14-06 win making them the second Egyptian team to make it to the finals. 

The Moroccan Jaguars and the Philadelphia Phantomz then faced off in a game to determine the third-place winner. As the game was light and cheerful, it ended with an 8 to zero win for the Jaguars placing them in third during the AFLC. 

Lastly, the undefeated Eagles Athletic Club faced the restless Cairo Bears in a game that kept the audience on the edge of their seats. The two teams were determined to earn the win and played a great game in that pursuit. Right until the last seconds of the game, it was still unclear who will be taking the win home. With three points difference, the Eagles earned the title of the African Flag Ladies Cup champions with a 33-30 win. 

Concluding the day, the Eagles Athletic Club management Mostafa Hamad along with Mohy Omar and Mahmoud Zaghloul as well as the Cairo Bears President Shady El-Kadry handed out the cup as well as MVP awards. They also handed out appreciation awards to all partners, other teams who have participated and of course Zed for their sponsorship of the tournament. 

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