The Cairo Bears took on the Eagles Athletic Club in the second week of ENFL VII in an entertaining game that kept the audience engaged.

We can’t say that the outcome of this game was a surprise, but it definitely was interesting to watch. The Eagles started the game with yet another fumble recovery that allowed them their only score of the game as they advanced the ball into a touchdown followed by an extra point to lead the score by 7 points in the first quarter. 

Before the half had ended, the Bears were able to score twice, once through a reception by Ahmed Jihad and the second after Mohamed Amin forced a fumble on special teams which was recovered by the Bears and advanced into a touchdown. The half ended with the Bears leading the score by 14-7 points. 

As the second half started, both teams’ defensive units maintained a complete shutdown right until the last quarter where Omar Wael scored a safety on a punt block shortly followed with a QB sack by Mohamed Amin which led to another safety. The game ended with an 18-7 win for the Bears. 

Cairo Bears Earn Their Second Win

The Cairo Bears have earned their second win of the season which is also to be marked as their second win over the Eagles Athletic Club. It is without a doubt that the Bears have been preparing to take the lead of ENFL for the past couple of years. 

Led by Shady El Kadry, both the Bears’ offensive and defensive units have been disciplined, focused and delivering solid performances game after game. 

While the Eagles’ defense was a tough competitor, the Bears still came out of the game with 90 passing yards and 58 rushing yards in total. 

As for the Bears’ defense, they were able to maintain a solid shutdown with 21 tackles, 14 tackles for loss, 2 forced fumbles, 2 sacks, a safety and 2 interceptions. 

Eagles Athletic Club Struggles 

The Eagles Athletic Club has been struggling over the two weeks of ENFL VII, with a defensive win over the Tigers in Week 2 and a loss this week. Although, they still rank second to this moment, it’s obvious that their performance this season doesn’t live up to their reputation. 

The Eagles defense put a lot pressure on the Bears through the game, even shutting Brown’s attempts of running. But, while their defense came out of Week 2 with 19 tackles, 5 tackles for loss, 4 sacks and 2 deflections along with 2 interceptions by Abdelrahman Mandour. The offensive unit has been unable to keep up. 

The quarterbacks, Mohamed Sadek and Aly Samy, were only able to achieve one first down each and three completions in total. Mohamed Abdelrehim, Youssef Geith, and Omar El-Shinnawi each completed one catch throughout the game while their running backs came out with negative yards. 

The Eagles’ offense has not scored to the moment, and we are yet to see if this would change in the upcoming weeks. 

The Cairo Bears came out of week 2 on top of the chart leading with 27 PD, directly followed by the Eagles with -4 points. While the Bears won’t be playing next Friday, the Eagles will face off with the Hounds. Will the Eagles still rank second in next week’s standings?