The second week of EEFL VI has reflected the excellent performance level of our Egyptian league through tough competition that left us on the edge of our seats until the last whistle. 

The Bears earned a well-deserved 22 to nothing win against the Wolves demonstrating their skills and solidifying their spot on top of the chart. 

The Bears focused on earning first downs (total of 13) through the game, to ensure their progression, scoring their first 1-yard touchdown to Rana Hamdi, followed by a 15 yards passing touchdown to Nourhan Zidan before the half ended. 

The Wolves however struggled to maintain the same momentum as the Bears defense continued to shut them down, coming out of the game with only 3 first downs. 

The Bears scored their third touchdown as Haidy Wael passed the ball to Farah Yasser to keep them in the lead with 22 points. 

Despite their loss, the Wolves are still in the middle of the chart, ranking 4th, which gives them the chance to catch up in the following weeks. 

For the second game, the Eagles and Tigers went head-to-head in an unexpected game that took many turns. The Tigers kicked off the game strong, focused and determined, scoring early on as QB Shaimaa Youssef maintained a solid progression through three consecutive catches and a keep that positioned them close to the end-zone, allowing Nada Gouda to complete a 15 yards throwing touchdown to Nouran ElShemy. 

Soon after the touchdown, Mariam Fathalla intercepted the Eagles’ ball to put the Tigers’ offense once again close to the end zone, which was followed by Khloud Ehab receiving the second touchdown for the team. 

The Eagles however soon caught up as Maha Abdelfattah scored a 17 yards TD, that was also soon followed by an interception by Dalia Abdellatif. The interception came at a critical point allowing Amira to throw her second touchdown of the game to Menna Rayan.

As the first half ended, with the Eagles leading a 14-13 score, it was still anyone’s game and the Tigers were in a good spot to earn their first win of the season, and first win against the Eagles.

However, as the second half started, the Tigers lost their focus, while the Eagles came back fired up. They followed with 4 touchdowns, to Maha Abdelfttah, Menna Rayan and Nada Mohamed. 

The Tigers weren’t able to keep up which ended the game with a 38-13 win for the Eagles. 

As the Warriors and Hounds faced off in the last game of the day, the Warriors scored on their first drive, with a 52 yards pass by Nour Anwar, earning a great momentum for the team. 

While the Hounds’ QB Habiba El Assar was back on field, they still struggled to move the ball against the Warriors’ tough defense. Soon after the Warriors first TD, they put pressure on the Hounds QB, resulting in a safety putting them in the lead with 8 points to nothing. 

The Warriors’ Shereen Sherif went on to score a 75 yards rushing touchdown before the end of the half to secure her team’s lead. The Hounds’ offense continued to struggle during the second half, while the Warriors sealed the win with another rushing touchdown by Shereen. 

The Hounds are now at the bottom of the chart, and will need to put points on the board while maintaining defensive shutdown to earn wins that would put them back in the game.