Road To Fourth?

The GUC Eagles have been the champions for so long, but the streak came to end with ENFL IV. What happened and are they back for their title this year?

The Eagles have been the strongest team in EFAF history from the start, game after game and season after season they’ve managed to remain undefeated and have successfully secured the championship 3 times in a row.

Teams may have come close to breaking the Eagles’ streak, but weren’t successful. Back in ENFL II the Hounds came close in the Egyptian Bowl until the Eagles were able to score in the last seconds of the game clinching their second championship at the time. During the same season the Tigers also had a very strong game where they led the score during the first half. The Eagles however remained undefeated.

This was until ENFL IV when the Hounds managed to break the streak during the regular season game followed by another win against them in the Playoffs game. This marked the first time the Eagles dont compete in the Egyptian Bowl and the first title they lose.

So what has the strongest team been up to in order to earn their title back in ENFL V? For a start they now have an import QB, Justin Mckenzie. Justin is a 37 years old player who’s played the game for 16 years winning 18 championship and playing in Germany, Italy, USA and other countries. Mckenzie will also be the offensive coordinator for the season and is implementing a new offensive system that will enable the Eagles’ offense to improve on both passing and running games.

The experienced QB has a long line of talented receivers like Seif Sweilam, Loai Essam, Adel Emam and Hazem Shawkat. They also have new names that will have the chance to prove themselves like Omar Mahmoud. As for the running game, Youssef Adel has already proven himself in tough games like the Hounds’ last season. With such depth and variety, the Eagles’ offense 2.0 will definitely be making significant plays.

The Eagles’ defense on the other hand has always been of the strongest in the league after the coaching of Richard Bonds back in ENFL II. Although a couple of their star players like Mostafa Hamad and Bassem Hesham wont be playing this season, the Eagles still have strong names and an even stronger base. Some of these names would be veteran players John Gabra, Omar Hany and Seif El Dine. Other players will be joining the Eagles this season like Ammar Yasser who skipped last season, Omar Hussein, defensive lineman who will be playing as a linebacker and the Warriors’ Sayed Khaled aka Seika.

We also must not forget the man who’s been behind this team for a while, their headcoach Mohy Omar. He’s been named coach of the year for ENFL III and was the Pharaoh’s HC. Its no doubt that his leadership has contributed to the team’s success and strength over the years.

The Eagles may have had a drop last season, but the champions of 3 seasons are coming back strong, focused and dedicated. With a strong defensive base and a new offensive strategy, the Eagles will have a lot to give this season.

We’ve selected 3 names that we’ll keep a close eye on for the season, first is Seif Sweilam, the talented receiver who had an impressive performance with the Pharaohs team. Second is the rising star, running back Youssef Adel. And last but not least, veteran free safety Omar Hany.

The Eagles’ first game of the season will be against the Cairo Warriors. We’re certain that the Eagles will try to set a statement of their strength on the first game. It’s a game we’re definitely excited to see, but aren’t they all?

We’re certain that the Eagles will perform unlike any other game we’ve witnessed. After all, nothing is as fierce as a team against competition, one that we’re sure is going to be above and beyond in ENFL V. We’re eagerly excited to watch the Eagles’ comeback and even more excited to see Eazy the Eagle! Will this be the Eagles’ road to the fourth?