The West Team will be lead by Head Coach John Gabra. John has a long and respectable career in coaching as he started in 2011 and started coaching the women’s team in 2017. He’s also been a coach on international games for the Pharaohs and as the Eagles HC during AFLC. John led the Eagles Women’s team into their latest undefeated championship.

The Offensive Coordinator, Moaz Sabah also has a vast experience of over 10 years in coaching. Moaz also has specific experience in coaching ladies flag football as he was the Head Coach for the Cairo Wolves for 5 years.

The Defensive Coordinator will be Hassan El Ganayny who has been coaching defense since 2017. He was the Warriors’ DC during EFFL IV when their defense allowed the least points in the league. He was also the DC for the Hounds during EFFL V.

Now, lets take a look at the 22 selected players for the West team