The East team will be led by Ehab Gamal. Ehab is the head-coach for the Cairo Bears and has started his coaching career with the Women’s team from early on. He started out as a Position Coach and then a DC in 2015. Through EFFL V, he led the Cairo Bears as the HC.

On his side will be El Hassan Hussein as the offensive coordinator. El Hassan has had a long career in coaching as well, he started in 2017 with the Cairo HellHounds as a PC for two years, he then moved to the Cairo Warriors and was a PC and Assistant OC. During EFFL V, He lead the Cairo Hellhounds as their head-coach.

Omar Ashraf will be the defensive coordinator for the East Team. He started coaching in 2019 as a linebackers coach and was the defensive coordinator for the Eagles during EFFL V as they allowed the least points amongst the competing teams.

Now, lets take a look at the 22 selected players for the East team