It’s fair to say that so far this has been one of the craziest, most surprising and most shocking seasons in ENFL history. It was filled with happy moment and upsets concerning both the East and West divisions.

From the Bears’ overtime win against the Eagles, the Titans securing a win against the Tigers, all the way to the Wolves last stand against the Hell Hounds, stakes couldn’t be higher as every team had a chance at playoffs until the very last weeks.

Never the less, we have reached the playoffs, the final showdown prior to the Egyptian bowl and the last 4 teams remaining are looking to give all they got.

What are we expecting?

            Both playoffs games will certainly keep us on edge. The MSA Tigers will take on the Cairo Bears in game 1. As we’ve seen the Bears dominate, while the Tigers struggled. It must be said that if the Tigers were able to perform the same way they did in the second half of their last game against the Bears, we may be seeing a close game. One we won’t be able to forecast.

            As for the meet-up of the champions, the Eagles and Hounds game will keep the audience holding their breath. The Hounds have been undefeated this season, but the Eagles have strength and experience that they’ll definitely bring out this Friday.

            Both teams have a solid base, so it’s going to be a matter of consistency and focus that’ll determine which of these two will head to the Egyptian Bowl.

Representing the west division, we have the west champion the Cairo hellhounds and the runner-up MSA tigers.

Cairo hellhounds:

The most feared and the current champions looked strong since the start, aiming for a second title and keeping the streak they showed much of consistency and execution, especially in big games against the Cairo bears and the GUC eagles and being able to get the job done against the Cairo wolves.

            The Hounds however have missed a couple of strong names this season like Youssef Zaitoun and El Hassan Hussein Aka Bob. We know that Bob will be playing the Playoffs game, will Zaitoun join him?

MSA tigers:

The most controversial and surprising name to be included in the playoffs, although they had a lot of rough games but they were able to get the job done clinching their playoffs spot.

The Tigers indeed aren’t new to the playoffs or even the bowl, that to say to their old crew. However the rookies, who definitely have stood out, will be new to the playoffs.

The Tigers have struggled with consistency all season, having a noticeably slow start at the start of each game. If they are to earn a chance at the championship, they’ll have to start strong, and finish strong.

And onto the East division we have the Cairo bears and the GUC eagles.

Cairo bears:

The Bears showed that they’re championship contenders all the way from the off-season being the team with the most signings, as they inquired a lot of talented veterans from the entire D-line of the tigers, to the former head coach of the Cairo hellhounds, although having a rough start in game 1 but they showed their true steal as keeping it the only loss during the season so far, making them the true champions of the West and a huge title contenders.

Having unique players like Mohamed aboushady, Joe said and Mohamed el Arabi, the bears will be looking to have their long-awaited title that was out of their reach for quite a time.

GUC eagles:

The 3 times champions are looking for redemption for last season, although having some upsets midseason but the Eagles managed to clinch the East runner up and securing the playoffs card.

The Eagles looked strong since the start but two consecutive losses from the Hellhounds and the Bears showed some instability in the team. Yet, the team has an amazing depth squad all the way to the secondary starting with receivers Loay Essam, Seif Hesham and Adel Emam all proving why the Eagles are true contenders, all the way to Seif El Din Khaled and John Gabra all willing to do it all to get their fourth title.

            The Eagles’ offense has however been questionable this season, striking a lot of talk regarding their QB position. The football community also has a lot of questions about the team, so who will start as QB? Is Swailam going to play? We’ll have to wait and find out this Friday.

            This season, the stakes are higher than they’ve ever been and all bets are off, as the teams are grinding towards the title one question remains, who has what it takes to hold the last breath towards reaching the Bowl and possibly earning the championship.