In a game that was nothing but full of surprises, the MSA Tigers earned their spot at the Egyptian Bowl V. Against all expectations and defying all odds, the Tigers played their hearts out to win the game. Thus, proving how football can’t be anticipated, no team will definitely win. It’s a game of hard work, focus and execution, and it’s a lesson we learned last week.

The Tigers had the first surprise with the return of their import RB John Nyguen. John has played the first week with the Tigers then had to leave. Its said that he may be the best import player to ever participate in the Egyptian league. But do we all agree?

What we do know for a fact is that his return with the Tigers gave them a boost that contributed to that win.

The Bears’ offense however had the first say in the game with a touchdown pass to Marwan Wafik followed by a successful PAT putting them in the lead with 7 points. This may have seemed like the game is going well to say, as expected.

The Tigers’ defense however had something to say as well, with two consecutive interceptions, the Tigers’ running back John had the chance to run his way to a touchdown also followed by a PAT putting both teams at a tie. Soon before the end of the first half, the Bears’ Islam Mohamed ran for the end-zone giving his team the lead once again with 14-7.

As the first half started, Khaled Mousa of the Tigers’ got his second interception, which was once again followed by a run allowing to tie the score once again to 14 all.

At this point of the game, it was obvious that the heated game may go either way. As the Bears’ defense put their all against the Tigers offense, given their familiarity with the team. Hint, Abdullah Nasr and Mohamed Arabi’s long history playing for the Tigers, the passing game was definitely a little harder. Thus, allowing Anas El Abyad of the Cairo Bears to intercept the ball.

As time passed, the tension increased, and the fans were more on edge than ever. To guarantee the game, the Tigers John Nyguen ran for the touchdown with a one handed pitch catch, giving his team the lead of 21-0.

The Cairo Bears may have had a wonderful season, proving their improvement and development. The Tigers’ new blood however had to work extra hard for where they are. The Tigers are in the Bowl, so what next? We just can’t anticipate it anymore, can we?