The Hell Hounds entered the playoffs round coming off a very tough win against the Wolves; while the hounds remained on a streak, they were faced with very focused, prepared and vengeful Eagles squad.

We’ve seen this before last year, a regular season thrashing of the Eagles by the Hounds, and then a rematch in the playoffs. The Hounds looked to recreate last year’s results and taking the next step of their path to a second championship, while the Eagles were looking to silence their doubters and prove that they were still a championship team.

While both teams are title holders and both have had strength and consistency over the time. Only one winner could’ve moved on to the Bowl, and that was the Eagles.

The game started with the Eagles kicking the ball off, the Hounds took the field and began to run the ball heavily, however the Eagles defensive front stepped up forcing them into kicking a field goal and blocking it. Eagles’ offense took possession but were forced out immediately after 3 excellent defensive plays by the Hounds, both defenses were playing out of their minds and neither teams got into the endzone ending the first half tied at 0 with 3 missed field goals between both teams.

The Hounds started with their onside-kicked to start the second half, but the Eagles were prepared, their offense took the field in decent field position and started to gain momentum, rookie receiver Omar Mahmoud caught his second pass for 20+ yards and brought the Eagles inside the 10 yard line, 2 plays later QB Justin McKenzie ran the ball in for 6 points. Since the Eagles missed the extra point, the Hounds were sticking with their run-heavy strategy to chew up the clock, score a TD and kick the extra point and hope to stop the Eagles from scoring, and they were well on their way to succeeding in doing so until their plan backfired when game MVP Mohamed Shaher picked off Ramon after the Eagles’ defensive line pressured him into a tough throw, Shaher took the ball 52 yards back into the Hounds’ endzone giving the Eagles a 12-0 lead, the Eagles went for 2 points after the TD and were in control of the game with a 14-0 lead with 5 minutes to go.

On the Eagles final drive McKenzie ran the ball himself several times and ate up the clock until it was time for the victory formation, leading his team into the Bowl.

Last Friday’s playoffs round shattered expectations, very few people expected the Tigers to beat the Bears, but they did. Even fewer people thought the Eagles could beat the Hounds, but they did. The Eagles and Tigers will be meeting for the second time in the Egyptian Bowl, and for the first time in EFAF history, the ENFL champion will not have a perfect regular season record.