Official Statement

This publication is a transparency statement intended to guarantee that the agreed-upon basic messages reach all parties in compliance with and in answer to inquiries regarding the recent situation.

EFAF would like to remind the American football community in Egypt that we have preserved and will maintain our commitments to the community; enforcing our core values of the following:

  1. Prioritizing the wellbeing of our players
  2. Ensuring fair play and unbiased league management in all meets
  3. Maintaining a respectable community

EFAF Players’ Well-being:

  1. We continue to ensure all the required health and safety regulations are in place to protect our players
  2. We have and will continue to offer our sincerest apologies to the injured player and her family for the trouble this incident has caused them.
  3. Any failure caused by EFAF managers that compromises the security and safety guarantee is treated seriously and without hesitation.
  4. Third-party failures, such as ambulance providers, are rigorously reported and dealt with.
  5. All needed extra precautions will be put in place before the upcoming events, including a risk assessment form that must be out on the field before each game and EFAF requiring all teams to assess and report on any pre-existing medical conditions of their players, as well as prohibit players with risk of collapse from participation in the game.

Ensure fair play and unbiased league management:

  1. All league activities must be scheduled without favouring any specific teams or players implying that no team has the right to dictate game schedules or choose game officials.
  2. Flexibility is always to be provided to our teams as long as it doesn’t put any team at an advantage vs others. With this, we would like to thank the Warriors for showing flexibility and accommodating their opponents initial request to schedule the delayed bowl game till the weekend of the 13th of January.
  3. While the Eagles team is a well-established team in our community, this will not compel EFAF to comply with their repetitive demands to change the officials nor reschedule the game since the latter put their opponents at a disadvantage that EFAF won’t tolerate. With that we are disappointed to witness the Eagles demand favouritism or else attack EFAF but this again will never disrupt our commitment to enforcing fair play.
    Maintaining a respectable community:
  1. EFAF stands committed to ensuring that the American football community respects and shows respect to their fellow teammates, opponents, and all officials.
  2. EFAF guarantees that any disrespect or misconduct toward the players on the field or officials in charge of the game will be dealt with severely.
  3. EFAF is always willing to address any possibilities, questions, or suggestions for improvement, As long as communication is made through the proper channels and adheres to professional and acceptable language

All the above is not comprehensive of EFAF’s principles or processes but is an essential reminder given the most recent events.