This week held one of the best games ever played in  ENFL history, the most feared vs the wolf pack. Both teams needed a win this game whether it was the Hounds, to keep their undefeated streak going, or the Wolves, as it was their only chance to make it to the playoffs. It was such an intense game that kept the crowd on their feet since the very beginning till the ending whistle of the game.

 The Wolves’ defense almost kept the Hounds from scoring the entire first half till the last few seconds. The Hounds started the game pretty slow while the Wolves were ready and hungry for the game as they got their first touchdown through a pass from their star quarterback Daniel Johnson for 42 yards and Seifeldein Hatem, the Wolves’ receiver, was on the receiving end scoring the first touchdown of the game followed by a 1 point PAT setting the score to 7-0.

The Hounds’ both offense and defense were still moving slow as the Wolves took advantage of every play and took a long drive till they reached the Hound’s red zone and another touchdown struck the Hounds as DJ snuck the ball for 0.5 yards leading to another touchdown for the Wolves and a PAT followed setting the score to 14-0.

The ball kept on going back and forth as both teams’ defense put it all on the field until Yassin passed the ball to number 2 and last season’s rookie of the year nominee Ziad Ammar scoring the Hounds’ first touchdown of the game but the Wolves’ defense managed to stop the 2 point conversion attempt leaving the score at 14-6.

                As the second half kicked off the Hounds came back strong and their opening drive lead to another passing touchdown from Yassin but this time to the hand of Omar Taha (aka OT) followed by another PAT setting the score to 14-13. But still the wolves didn’t settle down, after a slow offensive drive and a punt from the Wolves the ball was tipped by the Hounds’ returner and the wolves were able to recover the ball on the 1 yard line and scoring another rushing TD by the Wolves’ running back Ali Tarek. But the Hounds managed to block the Wolves’ field goal attempt leaving the score at 20-13 to the wolves.

The Hounds replied the next drive with another passing touchdown from Yassin and to everyone’s surprise Brandon Ramon, the Hounds’ import QB, was on the receiving end of the ball followed by another PAT and the score was set at 20-20.

The Wolves kept their game going and replied the next drive with another passing TD from DJ to Seifeldein receiving his second touchdown of the game and another PAT followed leading the score to 27-20. The Hounds’ quarterback Yassin wasn’t finished yet with the game throwing another 24 yard passing TD to OT and a PAT followed setting the score to a Tie 27-27. With a few minutes left for the game with the tie, the Wolves had the ball and started progressing on the field until there were only 10 second for the game and the Wolves were only 35 yards away. The wolves’ kicking team was ready and the crowd were on their feet. The field goal could’ve carried the Wolves to playoffs, but it was unfortunately missed.  

For the second time in ENFL history the game went to overtime. The Wolves won the toss and chose to start with their offense and on their 2nd play came the Hounds’ safety Abdelrahman Emad with an interception saving the Hounds from a touchdown and giving the ball to the Hounds’ offense who managed to score on their 2nd down by a run from Hounds’ legendary running back Aly Samir ending the game 33-27 for the hounds and keeping their undefeated streak clean.

       In conclusion the Hounds were in a critical situation after the first half as it ended for the Wolves’ favor. The Hounds started the second half with their starter players Aly Samir & Mohamed Moneam although they were both injured. The Hounds’ star wide receiver Mohamed Moneam (aka Mimi) number 80 took the MVP of the game with, 57 yards and 6 receptions. On the Wolves’ sided DJ played an amazing game with the rest of the Wolves team who will now definitely work on their comeback for next season.

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