The Cairo Hellhounds have secured another win this week against the Gezira Thunder with a total score of 29-6. The Hounds gave a solid offensive performance on both passing and running game while the Thunder’s running game stood out.

The game started with strong runs with the Hounds’ Ali Samir scoring two touchdowns in the first two drives, earning himself the MVP award of the game. Both touchdowns were followed by a kick giving the Hounds an early lead in the game with a 14-0 score.

The Thunder however quickly recovered scoring a running touchdown. Running back, Yassin Mohamed carried the ball for 36 yards scoring the Thunders’ first touchdown, which remained their last.

The Thunders’ defense was still focused and stopping plays like 59’s forced fumble on Loai Abdullah after his 7 yards catch.  The Hounds’ defense also forced a fumble soon after when Yousef Ahmed fumbled the ball from runner Yassin Mohamed.

The Hounds’ QB Yassin Sherif, who started the game, was able to do a 20 yards passing touchdown to Mohamed Moneam which was then followed by a kick giving the Hounds an edge through the game with a 21-6 leading score.

The Import QB Brandon Ramon also had a passing TD to Mohamed Moneam once again scoring the Hounds final touchdown which was followed by a 2 points conversion. The game therefore ended with a 29-6 score.

The Thunder’s import QB Paul Zimmerman also stood out as he started the game this time in his position and was able to make big plays like a 55 yards pass to Osama Thabet. It’s important to note that the Thunders’ previous MVP Micheal Barsoum didn’t participate in the game due to hamstring injury. He will however be ready to play next game.

Also, The Hounds were making use of the depth they have, with one of the biggest team rosters this season. Thus ensuring giving their different strings significant playing time.

With a game that tough under such bad weather conditions, both teams delivered an exciting game to watch. The weather may have been cold, but the heat on the field was vibrant.

Both the Hounds and the Thunder will play their next games against the MSA Tigers in weeks 4 and 5. Both games are definitely to watch and we’re waiting eagerly!

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