Hounds VS Bears

Football season kicks off its first day with the Gezia Thunder securing their first ever win against the AUC titans, followed by Cairo Hellhounds going vis-à-vis Cairo Bears. Now let’s start the blurb.

The game started off strong from both teams, Hellhounds’ RB, Ali Samir endeavored to run multiple times yet was stopped by the Bears’ D-Line who started the game strong. The first quarter ended with Omar Hashem (Galaxy) scoring a marvelous touchdown, Ali Samir running strong and reaching the end zone to secure another touchdown, followed by a conversion point, giving the Hellhounds a 13-0 lead over the Bears.

Now moving on to the second quarter, the Hellhounds’ defensive performance stood out, there was a major shutdown; stopping the Bears from scoring. While on the other hand, Bears’ defense was alert and shutting down big plays.

As Youssef Shawky from Cairo Bears secured the team their first down of the quarter, Hurled Mahmoud Abo Shady, Cairo Bears’ quarterback, a stiff-arm throw caught by the wide receiver Marwan Wafik in the end zone but was incomplete. Following, Cairo Bears’ wide receiver Ahmed Jihad made an outstanding catch taking the team yards away from the end zone, import player Malcom Gasque with two receptions yet no scoring.

The game heated by the third quarter and all the players raised the bar. Cairo Bears starting the quarter with a handoff to Malcolm Gasque, stopped by massive pressure from the Hellhounds’ defense. Bringing the Bears back in the game; Mahmoud Atef, Bears’ D-lineman, made a good interception bringing them back some yards, followed by two receptions by Marwan Wafik, securing a first down.

The Hellhounds’ Haitham scores a great touchdown, followed by Galaxy, former Tigers player and Hounds’ transfer, who’s apparently doing a good job in the Hellhounds. As the Hellhounds gained some yards, Galaxy made it to the end zone scoring another touchdown. The Hellhounds raised their score to 26-0.

With Hellhounds defensive pressure, Youssef Shawky made a good catch getting the Bears closer to the end zone, was stopped by the Hellhounds defense.

Starting the fourth quarter, The Bears receiver, Joe Buckets, managed to secure the first touchdown with a slick catch. Conversion point endeavors took place multiple times yet still got cancelled after having the play reviewed.

Both teams’ defense stepped up their game for the rest of the quarter, shutting down the opponent from scoring any further.
Game ended with Hellhounds securing their first win in the season with a score of 26-6 against Cairo Bears.

Awards were distributed by the end of the game day, MVP of the match went to the Hounds’ Omar Galaxy, Most Receiving Yards to the Hounds’ Haitham Mohamed, the Hounds’ Mohamed Mourad was awarded the Most Sacks, and the Bears’ Mahmoud Atef was awarded the Most Tackles.

Everyone is invested in hearing what the teams are up to for the next games, the Hellhounds’ want to keep the streak ongoing and the Bears may have not secured this tough win but are certainly back this season focused and well-invested, both teams are hyped and eyeing-on securing upcoming wins.