The Cairo Hellhounds took on the Cairo Bears in the fourth week of ENFL VII in a game that was competitive and entertaining for the audience. 

The Bears Take the lead on the first half 

The Cairo Bears started the game strong and focused, and while the first quarter was a complete shutdown from both teams’ defensive units, the Bears were able to score on the second quarter. 

After an 18 yards punt by the Hounds, the Bears were close to the end-zone and with a 15 yards pitch to Ahmed Eltayb, followed by a 1-yard QB sneak by Torrance Brown, they were able to earn their first score. Before the half had ended, the Bears’ Ahmed Jihad scored a 13-yards receiving touchdown leaving the score at 13-00 in his team’s favor. 

The Bears were also focused on putting pressure on the Hounds’ QB, and shutting down their running game. With 3 sacks and 14 tackles for loss, their performance definitely put the Hounds’ offense in a tough spot

For the first half of the game, it looked like the Bears had the game, but the Hounds hadn’t given up yet. 

Hounds’ comeback leads to close win 

The Cairo Hellhounds went into the second half focused and driven on earning their win, they were soon able to score in the third quarter with a 42-yards pass to Mohamed Meneam.

Their defense was also focused on maintaining a shutdown making sure the Bears were unable to score through the entire second half. The Hounds defensive stats stand at 5 tackles for loss, 2 deflections and 2 interceptions (both by ElHassan Hussein). 

Before the game was over, the Hounds were able to score once again with another 40+ yards pass to Abdullah Banhawy, the touchdown was then secured by an extra point to put the Hounds in the lead.

With seconds left on the clock, the Bears had the ball and the chance to steal the game. However, after 2 first downs, the Bears were short from scoring, ending the game with a 14-13 win for the Hounds. 

This puts both the Bears and Hounds at (2-1), but the Bears are still leading with the PD. 

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