The Cairo Hellhounds have secured their spot in the bowl last Friday, as they earned a win against the Cairo Wolves with talent and great tactics. 

Hounds depend on field goals

Throughout the first half, both teams’ defensive units were containing both running and passing games. The Cairo Wolves were focused on putting pressure on the Hounds’ Yassin Sherif. 

The Wolves collective defensive stats for their last game of the season were 36 tackles, 6 tackles for loss and a deflection. 

With the Wolves defense shutting down, the Hounds would resort to field goals as Robert Raafat played a solid game earning himself the MVP and setting the highest record for longest field goal this season and the second in the history of ENFL. 

The Hounds came out of the first half with 3 field goals to lead the score with 9 to nothing. 

Second Half 

Throughout the second half, the hounds scored yet another field goal, and the Wolves followed by a touchdown as Abdelrahman Haggag rushed for 14 yards. Followed by an extra point, the score was at 12-7 for the Hounds. 

During the fourth quarter, Yassin had to step out of the field, and QB Omar Hatem snuck the ball for a touchdown which was followed by an extra point. 

And before the game had ended, the Hounds’ Ali Samir intercepted the ball and scored a 20-yards pick six which was again followed by an extra point. The game ended with a 26-07 win for the Hounds. 

The Cairo Hellhounds will be competing for the Egyptian Bowl VII, last time they made it to the Bowl, they went home with a championship. So, we’re definitely excited to see if the Hounds would do it again.