The MSA Tigers played another close game against the Cairo Hellhounds that wasn’t final until the very last seconds in the game. With their first win of the season, the Tigers rank third in ENFL VII’s standings. 

Hounds Dominate 

The Hellhounds started the first half focused and driven, scoring a safety in the very first drive and getting an early lead of 2 points. 

Right after, they scored their first touchdown of the game with a 22 yards pass to Haitham Abdelwarith. And before the half was over, they had scored their second passing touchdown to Abdullah Ahmed. 

Quarterback, Yassin Sherif, put out the top throwing performance this far in the season with a 50% completion rate ,135 passing yards, 7 first downs and 2 touchdowns. 

The Hounds defense however, started the game with a solid shutdown, but they soon lost their focus as the Tigers put more pressure on the field.  

Tigers Comeback 

The Tigers went into the second half with the determination to win, Mohamed Arabi’s punt block put the Tigers’ Offense in advantage and later with an 8 yards pass, the Tigers were able to secure their first score of the game 

As the third quarter neared to an end, the Hounds decided to go for a field goal to secure their win, a decision that may have cost them the game. 

By the game’s fourth quarter and within the last minute, a 19 yards pass to Marwan Omar earned the Tigers their second touchdown leaving the score at 18-14 in the Hounds Favor. 

With only seconds on the clock, and the ball in the hounds’ hands, their win was still in reach. But an onside kick turned the tables as the Tigers’ Arabi was able to recover and advance it, QB Mina Akram then had to sneak the ball in with 4 yards keep to earn them their 20-18 win. 

The MSA Tigers’ offensive unit sure shows improvement since last week, and while the Hounds are still a big competitor, they are yet to earn a win to secure a spot high in the chart.