The second week of EFFL V didn’t disappoint, as the three teams played their hearts out on the field. As the Eagles secured another win, staying in the lead, the Bears fought their way into second place pushing the Hounds into third. 

The Cairo Hellhounds and Cairo Bears faced off yet again in another close, strong and heated game. Both teams’ defenses started strong, but the Bears offense managed to score on the 4th drive with a 7 yards pass to Yara Ashraf along with a conversion point. Right before the end of first half, Yara was able to earn her team 2 points safety as she de-flagged Habiba El Assar. 

Right until the last minutes in the half, the Hounds fought their way until the scored a 49 yards passing touchdown to Nadeen Baheir. However, with no conversion points and the safety points against them, the game ended with a 9-6 win for the Cairo Bears making their comeback from last week’s losses. After the game, Hana Nasr got the MVP of the game for 6 flag pulls, 1 pull for loss and an interception. 

The Cairo Hellhounds also faced off with the Eagles Athletic Club, in a game that the Eagles started strong scoring in their first drive, followed by another 34 yards passing touchdown to Menna Rayan. The Hounds caught up as they scored their first touchdown of the game, but the Eagles sealed their win as Malak Sabry secured the third touchdown ending the game with a 19-7 score. The Eagles’ Nadia Mohamed earned the MVP award for a total of 84 yards over 6 receptions. 

The Eagles have played the least number of games among the three teams yet, are still in the lead with 19 PD. They still have two games to go against each of the Bears and Hounds. 

As for the Hounds, the absence of their first QB Aliaa Haitham may have affected their past two games, but according to their Head Coach Habiba El Assar filled in the position and made them all proud. The Hounds have only one game left against the Eagles and are in third place by -14 PD.

The Bears, on the other hand, have managed to come back from a 2 losses week, into earning their first win and moving up to second place with -9 PD. 

Only 2 games are left this season, and it’s still hard to predict how the standings will be by the final week. This Friday, March 19th, the Hounds will meet again with the Eagles at Gardenia’s field at 3 PM.