American Football being a sport for everyone since inception has evolved from the United States through Europe and now Africa and the Middle East. The land of civilization and the land of ancient history, Egypt, has emerged from the shadows to lead on the middle east and Africa through the Egyptian Federation of American Football (EFAF). With exceptional efforts by the executives and all teams involved, the Egyptian National Football League (ENFL) took place last March. Five fully equipped teams faced off for the title of the First American Football league in Africa held in Egypt.

With highlights from the Egyptian Bowl, between the GUC Eagles and the Cairo Hell Hounds below is a glimpse of what the game represents and it’s future in the region. EFAF is a growing organization striving the evolution of American football in the region and seeking further challenges on the local and international levels; IN addition, EFAF is the home for Football academies for Coaching, officiating and recruitment of new players solidifying the game structure and base in Egypt.

EFAF is currently working on different projects this summer, and is targeting the expansion of the ENFL by adding new teams, and starting new academies, working towards fulfilling its strategy goals and objectives to popularize the sport in Egypt, and creating a competitive yet safe environment for everyone to enjoy the sport, and for its affiliated organizations to develop and grow.

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