For Jumbo

Football is a game that teaches many life lessons about commitment, dedication and discipline. The AUC Titans learned an extra lesson about loss in their very first season. A loss that has inspired them to come back much stronger and more importantly united. What has the Titans’ nation been up to this season?

The Titans were first affiliated in ENFL II where they suffered the loss of their player Omar Khaled aka Jumbo. The tragic loss has not only inspired the Titans, but the entire football community. As a consequence the Titans didn’t play the season after in order to give them time to rebuild and ensure that they’re ready and stable.

The Titans came back to ENFL IV ready and prepared. With Jumbo’s jersey on their sideline and their heads focused on making a comeback to football. They’ve successfully left a mark in the football society both in minds and hearts, but have only managed to secure one win against the Thunder. This season they’re coming back to prove that they’re here to compete.

They’ve started their season preparations by hiring coach Carlos Fragoso who has 50 years of experience in football and has coached in Mexico ,Italy and the States. Such experience will definitely push the team forward.

The Titans have a returning star, QB Youssef Tharwat who’s spent the last 2 years playing football in France. The player has most definitely improved his skill set and will surprise us on field. His performance will be completed with receivers like Justin Melad, Youssef El Dabe and his own brother Haroon Tharwat. They’ll also have another return with their running back Mostafa Mahmoud. The veteran players will definitely be able to make big plays through this offensive unit.

The defensive unit also has veteran names like strong safety Ahmed Hesham aka Rumbo. They also have many talented players like Khaled Diab, Ashraf, and Youssef Adel.

While the competition is fierce, the Titans are determined to make memorable plays and to prove that they’re a force to be reckoned with.

Our three names to watch out are first the brothers; Youssef Tharwat, the returning QB who will have experience along with talent on the field. And Haroon Tharwat, the talented receiver who will definitely be able to have a connection with his QB and brother. Last but not least is the linebacker Youssef Adel aka Dababa.

The Titans’ first game will be the opening against the Thunder. Will they be able to secure their second win against the same team?

This season is all about the next level of competition. The Titans are here to fight for their name and continue on their road for Jumbo.