The Cairo Hellhounds and Eagles Athletic Club triumph in spectacular wins during the second week of ENFL VIII. With 25 points for the Hounds and 38 points for the Eagles, the two teams who have been previous champions are currently leading the charts. 

The Hounds’ import QB John Holloway continues to impress, as he scored two touchdowns in the game against the Cairo Bears, both of which were passed to receiver Ziad Ammar. The Hounds’ defense didn’t disappoint either as they maintained a solid shutdown not allowing the Bears’ offense any points. Their defensive star Ramy Tarek earned the game’s MVP with 3 interceptions and a pick six. 

The Bears’ defense however managed to score a safety in the fourth quarter to be once again their only score of the game. It seems like the Cairo Bears have been struggling to find their momentum this season, and with injuries to some of their most critical players, we wonder if they’ll be able to recover. 

The Eagles Athletic Club then took on the ZED Jaguars to earn a comeback 38 to nothing win showcasing their depth in every position, but most impressively in quarterbacks. As their first QB Aly Sokkar started the game and scored two touchdowns, he had to sit out before the second half started due to injury. Thus making the Eagles deploy their star John Gabra, and then in the last minutes QB Shady Amgad who had just transferred to the Eagles and managed to score a touchdown. 

The Eagles’ defense also managed to intercept the Jaguars’ ball three times, scoring one pick six. Their running back, Mohamed El Wazir scored their fourth touchdown for the total score to be 38 points naming receiver Seif Swaillam as the MVP. 

The ZED Jaguars have not yet earned their first win, but they are definitely showing improvement.