As ENFL VIII almost comes to an end, week four has kept everyone at the edge of their seats until the last seconds. 

The Eagles Athletic Club and the Cairo Bears went head to head in the first game of the week that ended with a close 8-6win for the Eagles.

The Eagles started earned their first points in the game with a holding by the Bears inside the end-zone which resulted with a safety. 

The Eagles’ Seif El Dine then went on to intercept Aboushady’s ball scoring a pick six for his team.

As the Eagles’ offense struggled to score, the Bears tried to steal the win. While they managed to score a passing touchdown to Mohamed Saeed,  the total score came out short giving their second Eagles win. 

The Cairo Hellhounds and MSA Tigers then went faced in the second game for the Hounds to earn a very close won of 13-12. 

The Tigers started the game with full domination of the field, scoring early with a passing touchdown to Abdelraouf Hassan then another to 83.

Before the end of the half, the Hounds’ Omar Hatem scored a passing touchdown to Ziad Ammar and a PAT that will late give them the game.

But the second half turned things around with the Hounds’ Robert Roshdy shinning yet again, scoring not one, but two 50+ yards field goals which ultimately put the Hounds in the lead with 13 points to 12 by the Tigers. 

The Hounds have now guaranteed their spot in the Bowl, while the Eagles VS Tigers game in week 5 will determine who the second spot goes to.