ENFL VI has definitely surprised us to this moment, as the latest standings put the former title holders, Cairo Hell Hounds, at the bottom of their division while the other division is led by the Cairo Bears. So, what’s going on in the Egyptian National Football league so far? 

As Week 4 ended, we’re half way through the season and it’s no secret that the championship is not guaranteed to any team. 

While the GUC Eagles’ comeback through last year’s season may have the odds in their favor, we have yet to see that be confirmed. The Eagles have only played two games so far in which they earned two wins against the Warriors and the Hounds who have shown struggle. 

The Hounds didn’t only lose a game against the Eagles but have lost another to the Wolves and have only earned one win so far in the season which has put them at the bottom of their division. As QB Yassin Sherif is still finding his groove with his receivers, we wonder if the Hounds will be able to push through and secure a spot in this year’s playoffs. 

The Hounds position isn’t the only unclear thing in the West Division as the MSA Tigers, Cairo Wolves and Gezira Thunder are all tied in wins. The Thunder will face both the Tigers and Wolves, while the Wolves will also face the Eagles, and the Tigers will face the Hounds. With this mix, there’s no telling who the top 2 will be. 

The East Division on the other hand, is a little clearer as both the Bears and Eagles have been undefeated while the Warriors and Titans haven’t earned a win so far.

So, who has the best chances this season? 

  1. The Cairo Bears

It’s no secret that the Cairo Bears have been on the rise and while last year’s Bowl appearance was snatched from them in the last minutes, we’re expecting to see them perform in ENFL VI Bowl. 

The Bears’ import QB Torrence Brown has been a strong addition to the team and along with talented receivers like Mohamed Zidane and the running back Islam Mohamed, the Bears’ offense was able to score the most points among all teams so far in the season.

As they only allowed 12 points in 3 games, the Bears defense is also performing at a high level.

2. The MSA Tigers 

The Tigers are showing devotion this year with both their offensive and defensive units making remarkable plays. QB Mina Salib is leading the league in passing yards and the team’s rushing is also solid as Aly Ramy and Micheal Barsoom are leaving their marks along with Mohamed Medhat Amir, aka Samba, who’s excelling in special teams. 

Their Defense is also standing out as the trio Mohamed Arabi, Ahmed Khaled and Abdullah Nasr found their way back to the team. Of course, in addition to Khaled Mounir and Ahmed Abdelmoneim continuing to stand out as strong players. 

With 2 wins and solid players who’re making a noise this season, the Tigers may just be close to earning their spot in the Bowl. 

3. The GUC Eagles 

As the Eagles reunited with one of their most influential coaches, Richard Bonds, their position should be strong. 

The Eagles are depending on their head coach to guide the way this year with no import players. Of course, the team has built one of the strongest systems in ENFL over the years which has put them ahead. 

The Eagles’ defense is looking good with only 8 points allowed in 2 games and strong players like Mohamed Anbar, Seif El Dine and Omar Manzalawi under the spotlight.

As for their offense, it’s led by QB Mohamed Sadek who’s backed by the rising running back Mohamed Elwazier. 

4. The Cairo Wolves 

The Wolves have always been a tough competitor in ENFL, but this year it’s unclear where they stand as their performance hasn’t been stable. 

While the Wolves lost a game to the Tigers, they were able to secure a win against the Hounds. Although unsteady, the Wolves have pushed through enough to be among the teams tied for the lead in the West Division. 

The Wolves’ offense is restructuring as defensive player Mohamed Badr starts as the team’s QB. This offense is filled by talent like receiver Abdelrahman Haggag which has pushed them to score the highest points in the West Division.

 The Defense doesn’t disappoint either with a strong line backed up by DBs like Ziad Gaafar who has been making interceptions.

By the looks of it, The Wolves’ chances can earn them a spot in the playoffs. 

5. The Gezira Thunder 

The Thunder may have had a rough start but they’ve been picking up their pace since last season and they’ve come back with a strong drive. Their import QB Christian Adorno is making an impact in ENFL VI as both his passing and rushing games are remarkable which has helped the team move up the standings. 

Also, safety Niko Burns and head coach Joe Walker have been strong additions to the team along with backfield player Kent Bleaser who is residing in Egypt. 

Nevertheless, some of the Thunder’s players are also standing out like Adham Khaled and Lotfy Mohamed on offense and reigning rookie of the year and defensive player of the year Mohamed El Sawy. 

The Thunder have earned two wins so far and are yet to face the Wolves and the Tigers of their division. 

6. The Cairo Hell Hounds

With 3 weeks remaining and two more games for the Hounds, their position is at risk as they stand at the bottom of their division. 

The former title holders have depended on import QBs for the past two years which has proven success when Mathew Kershey led them to their first championship title. 

This year however, the team has decided to depend entirely on their own players and coaches which has yet to show its effect. The Hounds still have two games to play against the Bears and the Tigers who are now among the strongest competitors in the league. Will the Hounds find their way on time to clinch a playoffs spot? 

7. The AUC Titans 

The Titans’ offensive unit is currently on the shoulders of import RB Branden Walker who has shown great performance and undeniable talent. 

The Titans however are yet to earn their first win of the season, as they have two games left against the Eagles and the Warriors respectively. 

Will the Titans be able to finish ENFL VI with a win under their belt? 

8. The Cairo Warriors 

The Warriors are the one team that has played the most games so far, yet haven’t earned a win to this point. With only one game remaining against the Titans, the Warriors will fight for their last chance at a win this season.  

Although they have allowed the most points in ENFL VI with 155 points, some of the Warriors’ defensive players like Ramy Tarek, Mahmoud Ibrahim and Mostafa Geith have been performing at a high level as their stats indicate.