The AUC Titans earn their first win of the season against the MSA Tigers

The Titans have given a memorable performance against the Tigers who are the second of the West division. As the Tigers struggled, the Titans took the chance and ran with it making big plays earning them the win of 15 to 6.

The Hounds are still on a streak!

The Hounds earn their fourth win of the season and their 11th win since their streak started. Will they beat the Eagles’ winning streak of 18 games which they broke?

Mohamed Sadek starting against the Hounds!

The Pharaoh’s starter QB and a fan favorite has started the Eagles’ game against the Hounds. The Hounds’ defense however gave little chance to both the Eagles’ QBs to score.

The Hounds and Eagles will face off in the playoffs!

While the Hounds vs Eagles game is considered one of the biggest games of ENFL, we probably won’t be seeing this matchup during the Bowl and will rather see it in the playoffs allowing only of them to compete for the championship.

This however isn’t final considering how the East division may have some drastic changes in the remaining weeks. To get a full idea of each of the team’s playoffs chances, wait for our in depth analysis.

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