The Cairo Bears become the second team to ever beat the GUC Eagles’ in EFAF History

The Bears have earned a well-deserved win against the GUC Eagles in week 6 of ENFL V. The Bears were able to clinch the win with a touchdown pass from Abu Shady to his second QB and current Receiver Omar Mowafy.

The Cairo Warriors secured their first win of the season against the Gezira Thunder

            The Warriors and Thunder went head to head in a game that the Warriors were able to secure with a final score of 34-16. The heated game tested both teams’ discipline and focus.

The Bears and Eagles game becomes the longest game to be played in EFAF history

            The Eagles and Bears went in for extra time for the first time in ENFL history, with two drives into the extra time, the Bears were finally able to score their winning touchdown. This marks the longest on clock duration for a game to ever be played in ENFL history.

It however ranks second in total time with three and a half hours. Coming first is another Eagles game against the Cairo Hell Hounds in season 4 which lasted for 5 hours.

            Paul Zimmerman of the Gezira Thunder is back on field.

The Thunder’s German QB has not played the game against the Tigers due to an injury. He’s however back on field and has started their last game against the Warriors.

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