Halfway through ENFL, this week, 2 games took place in NewGiza Sporting Club on the 1st of March 2019.  On a very hyped day full of excitement and passion for the 4 teams, the Cairo Wolves and the Cairo Warriors teams started the day with a resilient game where the Wolves secured their first win in the league. Following, the Cairo Hell Hounds met the MSA Tigers in an intense game from both resulting in the win of the Hounds with a big difference in score.

Game 1: Cairo Wolves Vs Cairo Warriors

The Cairo Wolves made sure to make a comeback after their two losses against the Tigers and the Hounds. Daniel Johnson, the Wolves import QB has made a statement through the game by securing 2 rushing touchdowns with impressive yards per carry to raise the score to be 12-0. Following the touchdowns, Abdelrahman Haggag from the Wolves would hit the field with 2 points of field goals to make the score 14-0.

At the beginning of the second half, the Wolves scored their 3rd touch down through a pass from DJ to Mohamed Emad followed by another kick field goal by Abdelrahman Haggag.

The defensive unit of the Cairo Warriors showed a great performance starting with the interception of their import QB Jeff, following by good pressure at the 3rd quarter after the last touchdown from the Wolves. On the other hand, the offensive unit of the Cairo Warriors scored their only touchdown by Yousef Amr, to end the game with a score of 21-6.

On behalf of the football community we wish a speedy recovery to the Warriors player Hassan Yasser who was injured late in the game.

Game 2: Cairo Hell Hounds Vs MSA Tigers

Cairo Hell Hounds is maintaining their winning streak by earning yet another game against the MSA Tigers with a good difference of points in a strong game.

That game was intense due to the focus of the Hounds D-Line and the Tigers O-line at the beginning of the game, which made it a bit hard to score.  Next on the game, a lot of deflections, sacks and good catches took place from the Hounds, which enabled them to score their first touchdown.

The Hounds later on led the game with 7 touchdowns among with 2 interceptions, to two touchdowns to the Tigers to make a score of 43-13 in the 3rd game for both teams.

The MVP title for this game went to the import QB of the Hounds Brandon after his 2 touchdowns, and we also watched both Youssef Zayton and Hassan El Ganayne in spectacular plays at their first game post injury.

Lots of exciting surprises are taking place every week with new scores and new substantial plays, we are looking forward to the next week with its games and surprises, stay tuned!

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