The second week of ENFL V gave us two exciting games, one with a strong win for the Eagles and another tight game which the Tigers were able to secure in the last minutes.

But first, we know you heard and so we’re confirming, the Tigers’ running back will no longer play the season. It brought great disappointment after John Nguyen posted his goodbye message to the Tigers announcing that he’s left. Not only disappointment for the team, but the football community who were excited to watch this significant player throughout the season.

Nguyen has earned the MVP award of his first game with the Tigers helping them secure their first win of the season. The running back was expected to do great and it was speculated that he’d be among the rushing leaders for the season. However, he unfortunately had a family emergency and had to fly out as soon as he heard. So will the Tigers’ performance be affected by the departure of their running back?

We asked Coach Ahmed Abdelmoneim who confirmed that the player had a family emergency and talked to the Tigers’ management before his departure. While there are talks about the possibility of the import coming back, Moneim didn’t confirm that statement.

The past week has gone in the Tigers’ favor with their new blood working hard to make a statement about themselves and their team. Of course we have to admit to that statement’s success with plays like the game winning interception by Khaled Mounir, the Tigers’ new free safety. The speculations were divided between the Wolves and the Tigers, and so was the game. It wasn’t until the last whistle that this game was guaranteed to anyone because of the strong performances both teams have delivered.

The Eagles on the other hand earned a strong win making their clear and loud statement early on in the game. With 6 touchdowns and a total score of 41 to 6, both offense and defense were making great plays. The Warriors however have started the game strong and showed a promising performance which we’re sure is going to be highlighted in their upcoming games. For this game, the fans votes were right, with the Eagles’ win being earned as expected by their fans.

Next week, the Hounds will take on the Thunder, while the Eagles will battle it out with the Wolves. Will the Hounds keep their streak? Will the wolves deliver another heated game? Who will have a chance at playoffs this season?

As usual, we have many questions. So this time we’re waiting to hear from you! What do you think week 3 will hold for us? Also, don’t forget to check out the in depth game reviews of week 2 to catch up on anything you’ve missed!

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