The Tigers are off to playoffs!

Week 10 went in favor of the MSA Tigers who just secured their spot in the playoffs. The Tigers will face the Cairo Bears and we’re excited to watch this heated game.

The Cairo Warriors earned a solid win to be marked in their history.

Although they won’t be going to playoffs, the Warriors secured a strong win of 40 to 0 against the AUC Titans in week 10 of ENFL V.

The AUC Titans say goodbye to ENFL V.

The Titans played their last game of the season against the Warriors. While they’re out for the season, the Titans have definitely gave memorable performances and earned solid wins.

The Cairo Hell Hounds are on a streak with 12 games!

Finishing their second undefeated regular season, the Hounds are regaining a name they used to go with in the past, the most feared. The Hounds have been on a winning streak since the start of ENFL IV, with last week marking their 12th win.

The Cairo Wolves give the performance of the season in their last game on ENFL V.

The Wolves close loss of 27 to 34 in overtime puts them out of playoffs. However, the game they played and the performance they give will forever be marked in ENFL history. It’s also worth mentioning that this is the second time a game goes to overtime this season!

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