The second week of ENFL-IX has witnessed outstanding performances in both games, with the Cairo HellHounds’ win against Cairo Bears in the first game and the Eagles Athletic Club winning the second game of the week against MSA Tigers.

The first game of the week was a face-off between Cairo Bears and Cairo Hellhounds where the Hounds earned 15 points to 6. Both teams were fighting for a spot up the chart. but as the offensive units struggled to score, the Hounds managed to score a safety to end the first half in the lead with two points.

Both teams came back focused in the second half, with a lot of advancements, completions, and interceptions. The Hounds managed to score a 38-yard passing touchdown by their import QB Adrian Melendez to Mohamed Medhat (Samba) and then followed by a conversion point securing their lead by 9 points to nothing.

The Bears did not give up and worked hard to get closer to a win, scoring a passing touchdown by their import Derrick Cuavers to Omar Mansour, bringing the score closer to 9 to 6.

Both teams kept on fighting for the win, but the Hounds managed to score one last time in the game with a pick six scored by their DB Elhassan Hussain who managed to earn his team their first win with a score of 15 to 6, and earned himself MVP of the game with his impressive performance during the game.

The MSA Tigers and Eagles Athletic Club went head to head in the second game of the week, the heat of the game kept the audience on the edge of their seats.

The game started off with a great performance from both teams, who were able to continue moving the ball in the first half , but only the Tigers were able to score a rushing touchdown by Muhammad Medhat followed by a conversion point, putting them in the lead with 7 points to nothing which then remained their only score of the game.

The second half was definitely heated, as the Eagles managed to score their first touchdown in the game with 88 yards kick return by Abdelrahman Mandour in the first play in the half, who earned himself MVP of the game.

With only a point difference in the score, both offensive units were trying to score their second touchdown and secure the win, but the defensive shut down on both ends remained dominant for the rest of the quarter.

The Eagles finally found their momentum before the end of the game, when Ahmed badr intercepted the ball and was stopped inches before the end-zone, allowing Mohamed El Wazier to score a rushing touchdown, becoming their second touchdown in the game. Thus the Eagles earn their second win of the season with a final score of 12 to 7, securing their spot in the top of the chart.

While the Bears and Tigers showed an impressive performance in both units, they could not secure their win and move up the chart, but we are definitely looking forward to seeing their comeback next week.

Who was your favourite player from week 2?

ENFL IX- Week Two Live

  • Mohamed Amin #31- Bears
    70% 425 / 602
  • Ziad El Mahdy #9- Hounds
    22% 135 / 602
  • Abdelraouf Hassan #89- Tigers
    3% 20 / 602
  • Ahmed Badr #10- Eagles
    3% 22 / 602