The road to fourth may have turned out bumpier than expected, but as the Eagles took on the MSA Tigers with a solid and well deserved win, their fourth title is now secured. The Eagles’ win in Bowl V didn’t only give them one more championship, it also brought back a team we’ve all known for long. With a massive win of 40 to zero, the Bowl game was nothing but filled with impressive plays keeping a cheerful crowd excited.

The Tigers have had ups and downs throughout the season, with strong wins like the one against the Wolves and questionable performances like their game against the Titans. They have however showed a strong will and plenty of hard work and dedication, along with undeniable talent from their import running back John Ngyuen who came back to help them secure the playoffs game, the Tigers personnel had a lot to give.

 And of course, being led by Tonsy who has proven his skill in leading the young rookies all the way to the Egyptian Bowl and Mohamed Anbar who recently joined the Tigers and contributed in reshaping their defensive unit. The Tigers went into the Bowl with a fired up spirit, different talents, a leader, an import and an ex Eagles’ player as their defensive coordinator; It looked like they had a fair chance.

The Eagles on the other hand have had a rough time in the past two seasons, something they’re not often used to. The undefeated, three times champions were suddenly faced with the reality of loss as the Hounds broke their streak then took away the trophy last season. As for this season, the Eagles have witnessed yet another defeat against the Hounds and another against the Bears. But we’re talking about a team who knows how to win, and has done it repeatedly, we can’t just expect them to take the loss and feel down now can we?

The three times champions (now four) had to bring back the spirit of a consistent team they have for long kept. With a solid defensive unit and remarkable players like Shaher and Seif El Dine, a strong offensive unit coordinated by Ahmed El Demerdash and Jusitn Mackenzie, the most scoring special teams unit and the continuous leadership of Mohy Omar, they had a strong foundation and a team that could indeed win. The Eagles’ focus, dedication and talent combined with experience and preparation is what led them into making their statement of the season.

So what happened that Friday?

The Eagles’ dominated the score with a first touchdown pass by Justin Mckenzie to Hazem Shawkat, followed by a conversion putting them in the lead with 7 points. The Tigers had many attempts on both passing and running game, but the Eagles’ defense was always one step ahead. Later on, Eagles’ QB went for another TD pass to Ahmed Bakr followed by another conversion point ending the first half with a 14-0 score.

As the second half started, the Eagles’ fire was intense as Adel Emam completed a one hand catch and scored for his team which was once again followed by a conversion point taking the Eagles’ to a 21-0 lead.

We must say, even when the Eagles were clearly stealing away the game, the Tigers spirit stayed up as they repeatedly attempted to tilt the game back.

The Eagles however continued their scoring with another touchdown pass to rookie Omar Mohamed with 1 more conversion point to make the score 28-0. Soon after, QB Mohamed Sadek also completed a TD pass to Loai Essam to make the score 34-0. And at last, Mohamed Shaher once again ended the game with a pick six.

The Eagles’ game ended with their lead of 40-0 score making this the Bowl with the highest differential points in ENFL history.

As the Eagles secured their fourth championship, we can’t help but wonder if this will be the start of a new streak. On the other hand, the Tigers have lost their second Bowl game to the Eagles, but have definitely made a statement throughout the season. We’ve watched an extraordinary season this year, with many expectations shattered and assumptions turned out wrong. The Eagles have ended the fifth season on top, but the 8 teams have definitely competed at a level we’ve never before witnessed.

For the first time in ENFL history each team has won at least one game throughout the season, the champion didn’t win on a streak and until the very last weeks we had no idea which teams we’ll be seeing in the Bowl. The off-season starts today, the 8 teams have something to prove next year and we can’t wait to see it!