The second week of EFFL-VII kicked off with the most heated game so far, between the Eagles and the Hounds.

The game started with a 75-yard touchdown by the Eagles’ receiver Menna Rayan, followed by another touchdown by Duaa Salem. While the Hounds’ offensive unit was struggling to score at first, they managed to score a touchdown. They were aiming to score another before the half ended but the Eagles’ defense managed to stop them and put their team on top of the game in the first half.

In the very first play on second half, the Hounds’ Qb Habiba El-Aassar managed to score a 75-yard rushing touchdown that tied the game. Both teams were thriving for the win, and both offensive and defensive units were at their best during the game, hungry for the win.

However, the Eagles dominated the second half scoring three touchdowns, two of them by their running back Dalia Abdellatif earning herself MVP of the game.

Both teams showed great performance from the start of the game until the last second, however, the Eagles dominated the game earning themselves their second win of the season with a final score of 32-25.

The last game of week two was between the Tigers and the Bears, with the Bears dominating both units.

With both teams playing the game missing some of their key players; Tigers’ LB Kenzy Salama and Bears’ QB Haidy Wael, the game was hard to anticipate.

The teams’ defensive units were doing their best in the beginning of the first half, however, the Bears’ offense managed to score two passing touchdowns by their second QB Nagham Hazem to Nourhan Zidan and Farah Yasser, all after an interception by the bears’ DBs Farah Khorshed and Sara Hassan, putting them in the lead with the score 13-0.

The Tigers tried to make a comeback in the second half with a touchdown by their receiver Kholoud Ehab, who managed to score their only touchdown in the game.

However, the Bears’ defensive unit managed to prevent any more scoring from the Tigers and their offense managed to score one more offensive touchdown by Sara Hassan and a pick six by their LB Doha Sadeq earning herself MVP of the game.

Both teams started the game with a loss in their roster, however, Bears managed to earn their first win of the season with an ending score of 27-6.