Week four kicked off with a critical game between Hounds and Tigers which would determine which of them makes it to the playoffs.

Hounds’ head coach El’Hassan Hussien has stated in a pre-game interview; “We have prepared for this game mentally, and we worked hard to show our true potential’, while Tigers’ head coach Ahmad Khaled has stated; ‘Some of our key players are injured, and we definitely struggled and had to improvise, so today we’re trying a new game plan’. 

The first half started off with both teams struggling to score any points, eventually however, the Hounds managed to score a passing touchdown by their second QB Nadine Khaled to Hana Amr by the end of the half, putting them in the lead. 

The second half started off by a 62 yard touchdown by Habiba El Aassar to Darin Wael, and then followed by a pick six a couple of drives later. 

Tigers tried to comeback in the second half, with both units doing their absolute best. In addition,  their new QB Menna El Toukhy stepped up to fill in Nada Gouda’s position after her injury, they managed to score a 29 yard passing touchdown to Nouran Elshemy, and that was their only score in the game. 

The Hounds defense put up a strong game, making it impossible for the Tigers to score more points, scoring one more touchdown and a pick six by Haneen Wael, ending the game with a final score 18-6, scoring their first and only win in the season. 

This game definitely showed how strong the Hounds’ defense can be, with Farida Nader on as she managed to earn herself the title MVP of the game. 

The second game of the week was between the champions Cairo Warriors and ex-champions Eagles Athletic Club, in other words, the rivals. 

The Eagles’ head coach Muhammad Sadek has stated in a pre-game interview; ‘We have recovered from last game’s loss by working hard and training hard’, he also anticipated it to be a very intense game. 

The game started off slow with a steady pace from both teams, it was definitely smooth and fun for the audience to watch. 

However, the Eagles managed to lead the first half by scoring the first touchdown in the game by Malak Sabry passed to Amira Nader, putting the Eagles in the lead of the first half. 

This definitely fueled the Warriors up and they made a strong comeback in the second half, scoring 3 passing touchdowns by their second QB Shaymaa Salah, who earned herself MVP of the game. 

The game was intense, and both teams scored back and forth, however, the conversion point that the Warriors scored and the Eagles missed, was the reason why the Warriors won their 3rd game of the season with a score of 19-18.

The game could easily be ranked as one of the most intense and great games of the season, and both teams showed great work and did their absolute best for their teams to get higher rankings.

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