The EFFL VII regular season came to an end in week 5, and it kicked off with a game between MSA Tigers and Cairo Warriors.

Tigers head coach Ahmad Khaled stated in a pregame interview; ‘Despite all of the setbacks, loss, and injuries, a lot of the players stepped up and did the unexpected, playing in different positions and doing their best, he also stated that: ‘Jasmine Ahmad is the most improved player this season, she showed great progress and remarkable performance on field’. 

The first half started off with both offensive units struggling to score, however, the Warriors managed to score a passing touchdown by Shaymaa Salah to Aya Amer, who earned herself MVP of the game, followed by a two points by Shaden El’Antary, and that was their first and only touchdown in the game. 

The first half ended with the Warriors in the lead, which made the Tigers push themselves a little bit harder, both their units did a great job, their defensive unit managed to prevent the Warriors from scoring any more touchdowns, and their offensive unit managed to score a 69 yard passing touchdown by Menna El’Toukhy to Nouran Elshemy, scoring their only touchdown in the game. 

Both teams did a great job, however, the Warriors managed to win the game with a total score of 10-6, finishing off the season with no loss, and even though the Tigers won’t be in the playoffs, they definitely showed discipline and hard-work throughout the season. 

The second game was a face-off between Cairo Bears and Cairo Hellhounds, and the score of this game was definitely surprising. 

The Bears’ head coach Ehab Gamal stated in a pregame-interview; ‘After we win today’s game, we will definitely be satisfied with our performance this season, we would’ve loved it if we finished clean with no loss, but it’s okay as we learned from our previous mistakes and definitely did our best’, he also stated; ’Sara Hassan and Haidy Wael are definitely one of the most improved players from my team this season, Sara has proved herself in both units and Haidy’s improvement just keeps going, as she’s always working on herself’. 

The Hounds’ head coach El’Hassan Hussien stated in a pregame interview; ‘We definitely improved mentally this season, and this game is our ;last chance to prove ourselves before the playoffs, he also stated that: ‘There are more than a couple of players who improved this season, however, our most improved players are; Hana Amr,  Alia Amr, and Farida Nader, they definitely proved themselves this season and showed great progress’.

The first half of the second game kicked off with the Bears’ offensive unit, and they were definitely outstanding, as they scored almost every drive, keeping themselves in the lead for the whole game and with a high score of 33-0. 

The Hounds definitely did their best on both units, however, the Bears defensive unit definitely made it impossible for them to score or defend in the first half. 

In the second half, yet again, the Bears’ offensive unit kept their streak with 2 more passing touchdowns by Haidy Wael, and a pick six by Sara Hassan, ending the game with a total score of 55 to nothing. 

The Hounds struggled in the game, but they definitely did their best and showed great progress in the regular season, and we’re looking forward to seeing them again next week in the playoffs. 

The Bears’ defensive unit was definitely the star of the game, keeping their team’s score clean, and the second game’s MVP was Menna Mokhtar who proved herself and helped her team scoring 3 touchdowns herself.