Last week was the playoffs, four teams were fighting to advance to the bowl, and both games were intense and unexpected. 

The first game was between Cairo Warriors and Cairo Hellhounds, and the game was so intense and full of great performance that it was hard to anticipate the winner. 

The Hounds head coach El’Hassan Hussien have stated in a pregame interview: ‘We cannot anticipate this game’s winner according to the regular season’s score, we’re both on the same level, and there’s a 50/50 chance of winning for both teams’, he also added: ‘If we win this game, I think we’ll be playing against the Eagles in the bowl’. 

The first half started off with a great performance  by the Hounds, pressuring the Warriors, however, the Warriors managed to dominate the first half scoring two passing touchdowns by Nour Anwar to Aya Amer, last week’s MVP, and Farah Elmasry this weeks’ MVP. 

However, the Hounds’ offensive unit put on a strong game and managed to score a 75 yards QB keep touchdown by Habiba El Aassar, it was definitely one of the top plays this season. 

The Warriors dominated the first half score-wise 12-6, however, the Hounds were definitely dominating by performance and intensity. 

The second half started off strong from the Hounds, their defensive unit managed to intercept the Warriors ball in the second drive by Farah Baraka, giving her team the chance to score their second and last touchdown in the game, another QB keep by Habiba El’Aassar. 

The Warriors put on their best game, and managed to score one more touchdown by Shaden ElAntary, followed by a 2 point conversion by Farah ElMasrywho earned herself MVP of the game.  

While the Hounds may have played the best game in their history, the Warriors were still able to clinch their spot in the Bowl with a 20-12 win.

The second game was a face-off between the rivals Cairo Bears and Eagles Athletic Club, and needless to say; the game was heated and intense until the very last play. 

The Bears’ head coach Ehab Gamal stated in a pre-game interview; ‘We have the best chance to win this game, as we have prepared and studied intensively for it’, he also added; ‘I don’t believe there will be an easy opponent in the Bowl, however, we can do it and win’. 

The Eagles’ head coach Muhammad Sadek stated in a pre-game interview: “We are going to win today and advance to the bowl, I trust the whole team, and we are very preparedHe also added:  ‘At this point Warriors won’t be an easy opponent in the Bowl, however, I’m sure we have a good chance of winning’.

 The first half of the second game kicked off with a strong drive from the Eagles’ offensive unit; resulting in a 51 yard passing touchdown by Amira Nader to Maha Abdelfattah, putting them in the lead from the start. 

Unexpectedly, the Bears struggled to score in the first half, while on the other hand, the Eagles’ offensive unit were in their best shape, scoring two more passing touchdowns by Amira Nader, second touchdown was by Duaa Salem, and the third was by Dalia Abdellatif, who earned herself MVP of the game.  

Despite the Eagles dominating the first half, the Bears managed to get back on their feet in the second one, scoring a passing touchdown by Haidy Wael to Nourhan Zidan, followed by a conversion point also by Nourhan Zidan, getting their team back in the game.

The game started to heat up after the Bears touchdown, and the rivals were aiming for the win. The Eagles’ units put up their strongest performance; they managed to score one more passing touchdown by Malak Sabry to Menna Ryan, followed by a two point conversion by Dalia Abdellatif, getting the total score to 26-7. 

The Bears managed to score two more passing touchdowns in the half by Haidy Wael to Areej Zidan followed by a two point conversion, and another to Nourhan Zidan followed by another two point conversion, getting the total score 26-23. 

The game was definitely intense and hard for both teams, but they showed great performance to their last breath, however, the Eagles dominated, saving their team and earning their win by a small margin and snatched their spot in the super bowl.