The Egyptian Flag Football League kicked off its seventh season last Friday at Central Security Club with a heated competition among the four teams participating.

The first game of the season kicked off between the Warriors and Bears, a game that started with fierce performance from both teams who have participated in last season’s Bowl Game. The Bears took the lead early focusing on their run plays allowing Habiba Sameh to score their first touchdown of the game, followed by a 2 point conversion.

The Warriors quickly caught up to score their first touchdown in the first half by Farah AlMasry, and a 2 point conversion, followed by another touchdown.

And while the first half ended with a single touchdown difference, the Warriors were able to dominate the second half of the game scoring not once, nor twice, but 5 times. One of which was after an impressive 72 yrd run by Hend Haggag, the transfer player from the Wolves, who earned herself MVP of the game.
The Bears tried to catch up scoring one more time, but ended up short. Their defense struggled to defend the Warriors, and despite missing their DB Nourhan Toukhy, they surely kept trying to limit their losses.
The game ended with the Warriors win of 49-14, continuing their winning streak from last season and proving that the defending champions are back to win it once again.

As for the second game of the opening week between the Eagles and the Tigers, the game was intense and challenging.

While Tigers lost some of their players in the off season, they surely kept their starting squad allowing them to compete in last week’s game.
Both teams were struggling to score in the first quarter, but the Eagles managed to score their first receiving touchdown by Menna Rayan in the second quarter followed by another by Maha Abdelfattah in the last seconds of the half to end it in the lead with 12 points.

During the second half, the Tigers managed to score a touchdown by Nouran El Shemy. But the Eagles’ defense, with Mostafa Hamad’s return, did not allow them any more points.
The Eagles continued to score 2 more passing touchdowns, one of which was by QB Malak Sabry, earning herself MVP of the game and sealing their win with a score of 18-6.