We’re more than halfway through EFFL VI, and the competition keeps rising without any guaranteed spots yet. 

The Tigers and Hounds went head-to-head in a defensively strong game where both offensive units struggled to score. The first half had a very slow pace and ended without a single score. 

But as the second half started, the Tigers’ Shaymaa Youssef scored the team’s first and only touchdown of the game with a throw to Khloud Ehab. 

The Hounds’ quarterback Habiba El Assar soon followed with a passing touchdown to Hana Amr. The game ended in a tie, which marks the first time in EFFL history.

The Warriors and Bears then faced off in a heated game as two tough competitors went head to head.

The Warriors went into the game focused and driven as Nour Anwar scored five passing touchdowns to Farah El Masry (2), Sherin Sherif, Nadine Adel and Nesreen Yasser. While the Bears were still able to put points on the board, their score was short as they scored 12 points through two passing touchdowns by Haidy Wael to Habiba Sameh. With this win, the Warriors will move up to lead the chart, pushing the Bears down to third.

The Eagles then went on to solidify their position in the season with a 22-06 win over the Wolves. The Eagles scored two passing touchdowns by Amira Nader to Aya El Fakhrany and Habiba El Sarky as well as a pick six by Ghadeer Sabry in the first half. The Wolves were also able to score through the first half with a passing touchdown by Yara Tawhid to Salma Samir. Both teams didn’t score in the second half ending the game with the Eagles’ win who are now ranking second.